I am going to give you a super simple method for writing all the content you’ll ever need. If you follow these basic and easy instructions you will become a powerhouse writer even if you’re terrible at writing now.

But first, here’s who this is for:

This is for you if you’re a business owner or marketing professional who wants to create content that will sell your product or service for you. You are also aware that content is the key to getting all the traffic from the search engines before your competition does.

You also MUST know…

This still takes work. You have to do the steps. There are no magic buttons you can press.

It will take you from 30 minutes to a couple hours to write one piece. The more you do it, the better you will get at it. And as you get better, it will take you less and less time.

Even if you hired a company to write for you, your time is still required. If you want to do this right, there are no shortcuts.

This is why you hire someone

If you hired me to write for you, I would still require your time to talk content through. Then you would need to proof read and provide feedback. Just that could take you 30 minutes at least.

The big value of hiring someone is going to be quality. We know how to write content that gets people buying.

You can find someone to write for you that won’t require your time at all. But you probably won’t be happy with what you get. It’s that simple.

Here’s the system:

Every time a prospect or customer asks you a question about your product or service, commit yourself to turning it into a piece of content.

You have a treasure trove of content ideas that come into your inbox, or your sales people’s inboxes, every single day. You have them from phone calls, on review sites, social media, staff meetings, etc.

The answer to the email should serve as the guts of the blog content. Create an intro and a closing to wrap around it and away you go.

How to get started

Want to start now? Go into your sent email folder and start with the last 10 questions you answered.

Not the person who gets asked questions in your company? Someone is. Go find them and go through their sent folder.

Now here’s the little secret. When a prospect asks you a question that you answer well and get a sale as a result of… that is a question and answer that will get others to buy too.

This is why these blog articles are designed to be sales tools as opposed to the same fluff your competition is churning out.

Write Now!

Go now… view your sent folder and start writing today. You will have more content ideas than you’ll be able to keep up with.

By the way, this is how you write a book for your company as well. And not just a become an author book… a sell more stuff with far greater ease book. A train your future sales force book.

This book will become a virtual sales person that overcomes every objection and creates desire for your product or service.

BONUS: How to turn it into a book

Create a master document where you log the title of each article you write. Name this file… I don’t know… Table Of Contents For My Book.

If you aren’t being asked questions there are two reasons:

1: You’re not responsible for selling in your company. No problem. Find the people who are.

2: You’re not speaking to enough people. In that case, get out of the office and go talk to people right now. Read this recent blog post for ideas to meet all the people you’ll ever need.

Make sure to let me know how your content goes!