When I started writing using Dragon Dictation software early in 2012, I was a complete novice and not very smart at using a dictation software program. That was probably the reason I was never as productive as I wanted to be. But, now that I have come a long way, dictation software programs have become some of the best tools in my writing armory.

Free your Mind and Try Acting like a Speaking Machine

As Michael Shreeve puts it in his article, “How To Write 10,000 Words Per Day: “The software itself doesn’t help me get words on the screen faster. I type almost as fast as I speak. What DNS does is free my mind, to be honest. It removes one more layer of tension between thought and ink-on-the-screen.”
I didn’t realize it at that time but now I know what needs to be done in order to take things further and use your dictation software for maximum productivity. You need to become a chatterbox and a speaking machine, so whatever thoughts randomly flow through your mind can be transcribed using the dictation software.

However, to become so spontaneous, you must have a plan and a blueprint ready in your mind for your topic. The rest of the things become a game. As a famous writer Rachel Aaron, discloses her secrets to writing 10,000 words daily, in her guest post, “How I Went from Writing 2,000 Words a Day to 10,000 Words a Day” — Vicky Teinaki made a graphic of the writing metric, which is in the form of a triangle and its three elements are:
A. Knowledge
B. Time
C. Enthusiasm

In order to increase your speed of writing, you can proportionately amplify the above elements.
According to her, knowledge is the weapon. You should know what you are going to write. So, a general plot outline and a little bit of research will always help in writing an article with the lightning’s speed.

Start Hoarding Ideas
Keep a journal and hoard ideas. The more ideas you have, the faster you’ll be as a writer. Note down everything you observe or read in your journal.

You can produce huge content using this technique as it takes the burden off your mind and makes the process autopilot.

Which Dictation Software Program to Use
Let’s discuss which dictation software to use.
I researched and found four software programs that fit the bill.
A. Dragon Naturally Speaking
B. Google Docs Voice to Text
C. Dictation.io
D. Windows Speech Recognition Program

Each of these three dictation software programs has its own merits and drawbacks.
Let’s discuss these one-by-one.

A. Dragon Naturally Speaking
The program created by Nuance comes as the most advanced, accurate and user-friendly dictation software. No pause is needed while speaking in order to keep it working. You can keep on speaking spontaneously and it will keep on transcribing long after you are finished speaking. DNS 13 Premium (available at $199)comes with the feature of recorded voice to text, which means that you can record your voice using a recording device such as Philips Voice Recorder while on the go and once you are back to your office or home, you can plug it into your laptop and allow DNS 13 to transcribe. You can create a lot of content this way.

Dragon Dictation App is also available for Android and iOS, where you can pay a small monthly fee and use it whenever you need it. DNS 13.0 Premium is available at $85 at Amazon (shipping is extra).

2. Dictation.io
If you need some free software, https://dictation.io/ can be the best online dictation software. Over the past couple years its accuracy has improved a ton, maybe because the developers are working hard to make it popular. As far as the accuracy is concerned I am sure that dictation.io is way ahead of Windows Speech Recognition Program. It’s even better than “Google Docs Voice to Text”. I am very happy that I have found this online dictation software which works smoothly and helps me in maximizing my productivity. Furthermore, it comes free of cost. All you need is Internet connectivity to run it. It runs only on Google Chrome.

The results it produced were largely satisfactory for me but its only drawback comes from the fact that “dictation.io” takes a pause after four or five lines and it almost freezes, so we have no option but to click the stop button and hit the “start dictation” button again.

The best part is you will soon get used to this problem of freezing and you can use it to put your mind to work in the meantime. So, the mind gets a break and you get time to collect and organize your thoughts and start all over again. It also gives you the opportunity to check whether your content is flowing in the right direction or not.

It’s an intelligent software program as compared to other online dictation software programs available the market. When you use it frequently, you become even more efficient using it. It’s quite accurate but not as accurate as Dragon Dictate. However, it offers an accuracy of more than 80% in the beginning, which is quite a big deal.

3. Google Docs Voice to Text
The best part of Google Docs Voice to Text Program is its intuitive approach. It auto corrects the sentences according to the context, which makes it much faster and accurate. However, it’s not as fast as Dragon Dictate. Its accuracy levels also vary frequently. One more glitch in the program is the voice recognition button, which stops working all of a sudden and it takes a little while before you can start dictating again.

As a free software program, it may be a good option for writers.

4. Windows Speech Recognition Program
It comes inbuilt with Windows. The program is free and can be used offline, but the major cons include speed and accuracy. The text created using Windows speech recognition program needs a lot of editing and proofreading.

So, choose the right dictation software, spend some time thinking and planning and put in lots of enthusiasm and you will be able to write more than 11, 000 words that too in just five to six hours.

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