you must have a hungry crowdStop Trying To Get Any-Old Horse To Drink

I once heard a story about a young salesman who had given the very best pitch that he had to a prospect, but despite all his effort, the prospect still didn’t make a purchase.

He went back to his office and told his boss that he didn’t get the sale.

Then he said to his boss “I guess it’s true that you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.”

The boss responded quickly with a lesson that the salesman never forgot.

The boss said, “Your job is not to make them drink, your job is to make them thirsty.”

I think that most of us think of sales in this way.

I completely agree with the idea… up to a certain point.

You see, I’ve been thinking about this recently: What is easier to sell? Something that someone already wants? Or something that someone has to be convinced to buy?

I’d prefer to sell something that someone already wants.

The Hamburger Stand With The Most Advantage

That reminds me of lesson the late Direct Marketer, Gary Halbert, once gave to an audience.

He asked the group: “If you opened a hamburger stand, what advantage would you want to have?”

Someone would yell out, “The best hamburgers!”

Someone else would yell out, “The best location!”

Another would say, “The best prices!”

Gary would let them keep going for a while, watching the smug looks spread across the room, as each person became more and more convinced their answer was the best one.

Finally Gary would surprise them all by saying something to the effect, “Those are all good ideas, but I only want one advantage: a hungry crowd!”

I’d add one more condition that I’d want: A hungry crowd – with money!

Of course, you want to offer the best possible product or service.

Of course, you want a great location.

Of course, you want to have competitive prices.

Of course you want a great website, great content marketing, great SEO, great social media strategies, etc.

But if you don’t have a crowd of people, with money – who are hungry for what you’re offering – then you’re going to have a very difficult time getting any money.

Your Content Marketing, Products, And Services Must Attract That Kind Of Crowd

All of the content you create must be designed to attract and help that hungry crowd with money.

Your products and services must meet the needs and/or desires that a crowd of people with money has.

Otherwise you’ll take a lot of action, and maybe see a lot of reactions, but you’ll never get any transactions.

And that will never lead to satisfaction!

(Don’t make me rhyme again! :) )

I don’t know about you, but that I am going to focus everything I do on this #1 priority!

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