If your business is looking for a way to connect with potential and current customers, consider sending newsletters. E-mail newsletters can have a significantly positive impact on your business. Not only can newsletters help keep your company in front of customers on a consistent basis but they also are good for connecting, building credibility, and advertising.


First, newsletters allow your business to communicate often—anywhere between weekly to bi-monthly—with all types of customers. Regular, consistent communication is key.

Your business can reach out to interested and potential customers by capitalizing on website traffic. As customers visit your website, encourage them to sign up to receive your newsletter. An e-mail every week will update them on your company and help them get to know you.When customers know what is happening at your business, they will be more likely to buy products from you.

Current customers will stay updated so that they do not forget about you, lose your information, and miss any of your new products and specials. Potential customers will have an avenue to learn about your business without putting forth too much effort. Your readership base will become an essential part of your company that you can easily interact with to strengthen your business.

Building Credibility

A business’ ability to write and publish a consistent newsletter builds trust and professionalism. Customers will get to know your business and be more willing to trust you. Then, customers will consider your business as they think through whom they want to buy a product or service through.

Make sure the newsletters are relevant to your CUSTOMERS, not just back-patting your firm. Keep up-to-date news and information the centerpiece and you’ll build credibility with customers. Anything from how-to articles, reviews, employee stories, or any other helpful, informative, or inspirational piece relevant to your customers is great content for your newsletters.

Send your offers, discounts, and other deal announcements in a separate newsletter from your informational email newsletter. This benefits you and your customers in two ways: 1.) you can allow customers to choose which type of emails they want to receive (none, one type, or both types) and 2.) it maintains your credibility as a company since customers always know exactly what they will be seeing in your emails.


Once you have established a newsletter, you can begin to sell ad space to other businesses. This is an easy way to make a newsletter even more worthwhile for your business. Of course, this should be very carefully balanced. Look for advertisers who would benefit your readers. And monitor your emails carefully. If you notice an increase in unsubscribes as you start adding in advertising slots, then keep your advertising to your website instead.

Of course, you may only want to advertise your own products or services. If so, then do as already suggested above and keep your advertising emails separate from your informative email newsletters.

Spending some of your company’s resources on writing and publishing a newsletter can give you an edge. Just make sure you keep your customer in mind with every publication. As soon as a newsletter becomes all about you, the unsubscribe button becomes very inviting.