Valerie Khoo is the author of ‘Power Stories‘ and runs the Australian Writers’ Centre. Recently I got the chance to interview Valerie about why it is important to tells stories in the online world.

Here is the transcript:

Adam Franklin: Hi there. It’s Adam, and I’m here with Valerie Khoo, the author of ‘Power Stories’. Thanks for joining us Valerie.

Valerie Khoo: Glad to be here.

Adam Franklin: Valerie’s taught us this morning about how to write business book. So thank you, it’s very valuable. Now, just with regards to the book, I’ve got a question: the book is called ‘Power Stories’, and I’m wondering why it’s important to be telling stories in the online world.

Valerie Khoo: I think it’s so important to be telling stories in the online world because when it’s online, it’s there to stay. Therefore, it so much more easily shareable. So your stories actually live on and are able to be spread far more easily than simply if you’re just talking to me like this.

Adam Franklin: Okay. And what’s your favourite way to tell stories online?

Valerie Khoo: I think that when you’re telling stories online, you need to find the format that is going to suit you, that’s going to fit your personality, your timetable, and what really resonates with you. For me, I love blogging, and I do some video as well. But I do communicate most of my stories through blogging. But, of course, that’s not necessarily going to suit everyone. You should find the format that’s going to be best for you.

Adam Franklin: Okay. Where can people go and read your blog, Valerie?

Valerie Khoo:

Adam Franklin: How about the book, where can they find that?

Valerie Khoo:

Adam Franklin: Awesome. Thanks so much, Valerie.

Connect with Valerie

Connect with Valerie Khoo via her website or @valeriekhoo. Check out Valerie’s book, Power Stories, and the work of the Australian Writers’ Centre.