When you are planning your content marketing strategy, you might not think much about holiday posts. However, it is always a good idea to post holiday-themed posts on your blog. The posts should obviously still be related to your niche, but believe it or not, they can be more beneficial during the holiday season than posting regular posts. These are a few reasons why.

People Still Read Posts on Holidays

You might assume that people aren’t online reading blog posts on or around the holidays like they are the rest of the year. However, this simply isn’t true.

Even though there might not be as many people at home on their desktop computers on the holidays, more and more people are using laptops, tablets and smartphones to access the World Wide Web these days, and these things are all usually around all the time — even on the holidays.

In fact, some people actually do more online reading during the holiday season. This is because some people are online more — such as making travel plans or doing online shopping — and are therefore more likely to stop by their favorite blogs.

Plus, some people do a lot of reading while they’re on a plane, on their way to their holiday destination or while they are killing time in-between holiday festivities or while spending time at a loved one’s house.

This means that your posts may even be seen by more people than usual, believe it or not. If you track your traffic around the holidays, you’re sure to see that your traffic has not gone down as much as you might have thought. Instead, it might spike more than you expect!

It’s Clear That They’re New and Relevant

When people scan, they often look for new posts to read. Even if they haven’t read them before, some people like to avoid older posts. If your posts are related to the holiday season and are posted at the right time, those who are scanning your posts will know that they are new and relevant. This can lead to more clicks. These are a few tips for keeping holiday posts new and relevant:

  • Post your posts smack-dab in the middle of the holiday season. They won’t be as successful if you post too early or too late.
  • Add things that are relevant to this year and not every holiday season, such as talking about products or decorations that are really trending this year.

They’re More Shareable

There’s something about social media during the holiday season. Even those who don’t generally post a lot on social media often light up their newsfeeds with holiday cheer. Now is time when more and more people are posting pictures, videos, exciting products and services that they’re found, holiday-themed blog posts and more.

To make the most out of this:

  • Make sure your holiday blog posts aren’t too promotional; otherwise, people may not want to share them. Instead, focus on spreading holiday cheer while touching on your niche a little bit.
  • Make sure it’s super easy for people to share your posts on social media, such as by adding sharing buttons on all of your posts.
  • Promote your holiday blog posts via social media to get people reading and sharing.
  • Add photos that are optimized, such as fun holiday-themed photos. Consider adding your blog post name and your company name to the photos for when your posts are shared on Pinterest and other similar sites.

You Can Encourage Additional Business During the Spending Season

If there is a time of the year when people spend more money, it’s during the holiday season. This is true in just about every industry, too. For example, people are always shopping for holiday gifts. Many people find this as a good time to splurge a little bit on things for themselves, too. Plus, people are often focused on ensuring that their homes are in good shape and that they have great wardrobes so that they can enjoy guests and holiday parties during the holiday season. No matter what niche you’re in, you might see more of an increase in spending than you think. Creating blog posts during the holiday season can help this increase even more.

Get in the Holiday Spirit

Why not get into the holiday spirit yourself? Whether you are someone who loves the holidays or if you are a bit of a Grinch, writing holiday-themed blog posts is sure to help you get in the mood for the holiday season.

Enjoy Inspiration for Your Posts

You might have a hard time coming up with blog post ideas week after week. By focusing on holiday-themed posts, you can think outside of the box and can enjoy lots of inspiration. This can help you come up with fresh, exciting blog posts ideas when you’re feeling like you are all out of ideas. Here are a few ways that you can come up with holiday-themed inspiration for your posts:

  • Take a look at all of the other holiday posts that other people are posting; obviously, you won’t want to copy them, but it can give you some inspiration.
  • Check out your social media pages to see what others are interested in and sharing.
  • Think about what you’re into this holiday season — your favorite decorations, foods or activities — and play off of them in your post.
  • Consider which of your products and services can be helpful for your customers this holiday season, and center your post around these offerings.

Holiday posts can be an important part of content marketing, so it’s a great idea to post them all season long.