Image of my daily jog around Chicago.

Spring is here. Spring has sprung. The trees are blooming, noses are running, and so am I! I’m finally back to jogging. It’s a nice, warm, 60 degrees here in Chicago. When I do my run, I have one path that I follow most of the time. I call it the Flashdance Girl, because when my Apple Watch GPS tracks it on Map My Run, it looks like the woman from Flashdance.

During one section of the run there’s this wooded area, and though it’s filled with trees, in the late fall and early spring you can see through to a playground that’s in our neighborhood. Because of social distancing, there are no kids playing there right now, but generally, during the spring it’s packed. Lately, I’ve been noticing it’s getting more difficult to see the playground equipment through the trees. As the trees are starting to bud, it’s getting more difficult to see through.

Forest For The Trees

Image of the dark woodsI’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “Cannot see the forest for the trees”, right? What it generally means is that somebody is so focused on the details, that they can’t see the big picture. In other words, they’re so focused on the tree, that they can’t see the forest. Or, the forest is growing with all these buds and you can’t see through it anymore.

In the case of business, it would be the same as if somebody needed to paint their house, and they spent the entire day picking out the color. That’s one of the biggest problems with creating great content, we have a hard time figuring out what we want to say and how to write it. I have a hard time picking which topic to talk about every single week. Luckily, I have a system where I capture ideas and then talk through them on my podcast, so I don’t necessarily have to write it out. I just simply have to think about what I want to get across and express it. That makes it much easier for me.

In your business, do you feel like you’re generating content often enough? Are you producing a weekly blog? What’s holding you back? Chances are it’s a handful of things. First off, unless you’re a professional content writer, you probably don’t even like writing. The second thing is that you may not have the time. This is why I think that hiring a good content writer can be great for your business. Let me explain.

What Is Your Time Worth?

Image of a pocket watch on top of money. The first thing you have to think about is whether it makes sense for you to be the sole content creator. How much do you make per hour? I am not talking about what you pay yourself, but how much money you make your business every single hour that you’re working on it? If you spend an hour writing content, that’s an hour you’re not making money. Chances are you can find somebody who can do a better job at a lower cost so you can spend that hour on your business.

There are five other advantages to hiring a content writer, too. I want to discuss some of the benefits of having somebody else write your content for you. This is one of the tools I use in my business and with my clients to help get their messages out.

Fresh Set Of Eyes

First off, you get a set of fresh eyes and fresh ears. You have a message that you want to communicate and you express it in your voice and style, but your audience may interpret it differently. Getting that fresh perspective can help you take your concepts and express them in more of a customer-centric or customer-friendly way. Having that fresh set of eyes and ears could give your content a new and more effective perspective.

The Q&A?

The second piece of this is one of the ways that I tend to get content out of my clients, and that is by asking good questions. If your customers were to ask you a question, how would you answer it? We tend to explain concepts differently when we’re asked a question as opposed to just trying to create an idea out of thin air. Having that Q&A model helps you get your information out in a way that really speaks to and with consumers.


A content writer is like a wordsmithThe next piece of this puzzle is wordsmithing. We all tend to have a lexicon of words and phrases we use, which feels very natural to us, but may not match what your customers are looking to hear. Some of us tend to use certain words that are more complex than the way our customers actually communicate. Other times, we may make them simpler than they should be. By hiring somebody who can help you take concepts that you’re trying to express and wordsmith them in a way that’s going to be simpler, it can help you get the ideas across better, faster, and generally more to the liking of your audience.

Turn Ideas Into Stories

The next piece of this puzzle is turning your ideas into stories. When you’re asked a question, maybe you can offer an example or a story that you may not have thought of before. Stories can help to clarify the messages you’re trying to get across. Just like Q&A and wordsmithing can take the content and put it into a context that people enjoy, stories add a visual element to the mix, just like I did at the opening of this piece. By talking about jogging through my neighborhood and looking through the trees to see the playground equipment, you could probably visualize exactly what I was talking about. That’s the way that this system works. It helps your audience better visualize what you mean. Whether you jog, walk, or ride a bike through your neighborhood, you can visualize yourself in the story looking through the tress.


Hiring a content writer gives you someone to bounce ideas off of. The final piece of this, which is uber important for me, is proofreading. I am Captain Typo, no questions asked. I just can’t see typos or catch grammatical errors in my writing. I have a hard time even reading my own material sometimes.

When I’m writing a book, I have a process. The first thing I do is I literally speak it into a recorder. Then, I go through and I edit it based on what I was trying to say, so it’s more clear. Then, I hand it to an editor. The editor then goes and takes it a step further. They take my concepts and make them more complete to flow better for the end-user. It creates a better flow and continuity to the book as a whole.

Finally, after that, I send it to a proofreader who will make sure all the T’s are crossed, and the I’s are dotted, and the commas and the semi-colons are all in the right place. There are people who will judge the credibility of the information based on that. Trust me, after writing my first book, I found out the hard way. I had to go back and re-edit it numerous times to fix all the mistakes that even my editor and proofreader missed.

When I do my podcasts, I record them, have them transcribed and convert to a blog post. Then I go back and I rewrite them a bit. Finally, I pass my blog along to a proofreader who goes through them and makes sure it makes sense, the grammar is corrected, and that it flows in a more consumable way.

Final Thoughts

Hiring a content writer could give you more time in nature.

Let’s review those five advantages to hiring a content writer again. First, you need a fresh set of eyes and ears. Second, having a good Q&A session can bring out the best in your content. Next, you need somebody to wordsmith, or take your words and make them contextually fit and better serve your communication goals. You can find some help turning your ideas into stories that help your audience visualize what you’re trying to say. Finally, having a proofreader really does make a big difference.

By hiring help in the form of a good content writer, you might even have more time to get outside and enjoy nature. You might get a chance to get a close up look at the trees and enjoy the forest. It can help better utilize your time so you can make more money while having more fun!

I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Comment below and share your thoughts, ideas or questions about the advantages of hiring a content writer. Have you had to overcome any of the presented concepts? What worked and what did not live up to your expectations? Do you have any ideas or advice you could share?