Like most marketing professionals, I’m registered at SlideShare and have been for several years. This morning, for the third time in so many months, I received an e-newsletter from my “SlideShare Team.” The format contained just two items. One entry focused on how to use  slides to improve presentations, along with a link to ideas on the new SlideShare blog. The second item linked to a Mashable entry offering a primer on how to set up an online resume.

Obviously, SlideShare has joined the content marketing revolution, and the electronic newsletter is their new content distribution channel of choice. And so it is for the countless other organizations that send e-newsletters full of content.

I’m seeing three reasons why content-rich newsletters are such a popular way to stay “top of mind.”

1. Content marketing bounds over the spam barrier. Every marketer I know has opted-in to dozens of electronic newsletters.

2. Few, if any, content-driven e-newsletters self-promote. Most feature only one or two items from their own menu of products/services. The remainder of content is curated and delivered as valuable generic information, often enhanced by expert opinion.

3. Relevant content keeps getting better. The number of online newsletters driven by the customers’ needs has exploded – and the volume and quality of the offering typically includes statistics sharpened by expert opinion and analysis — a winning combination.

Clearly, organizations everywhere finally “get” that they can remind me of their existence and build good will by sending me good information. At the same time, I wonder if industry will sustain its devotion to this new model of “information as marketing.”

16 Zero-Cost Newsletters To Rev Your Content Engines

1. BNET Alerts

2. Any pony from the stable (Marketing Daily, MobileInsider, Online Media Daily, Marketing Health, Center for Media Research, etc. etc. etc.)

3. Resource Shelf

4. TrendCentral

5. Any horse in the SmartBrief race: Workforce, Social Media, AAF, 4A’s, Leadership, NAW, Business Traveler, etc.)

6. Inc. the Goods

7. eM+C Weekly

8. ROI Report

9. Influential Marketing Blog

10. BlogNotions

11. Marketing Experiments

12. Lifehacker

13. Today on PIworld

14. The Wise Marketer

15. Who’s Blogging What

16. Target Marketing Tipline