Are you pursuing a content marketing campaign but are unsure of the best place to share your hard work? Let’s take a moment to examine two of the most significant traits of your target audience: age and gender. They can affect your discourse, the time you post and most importantly which social networks you focus your energies on.

Begin by considering your existing customer base, or at least the people who are interested in the types of products or services you sell.

How old are they?

Are your customers middle-aged parents, teenagers or children? Or perhaps they’re elderly people. Depending on the age group that you serve, you’re going to want to gauge the way you appeal to them. Think about the language you use, the manner of your visual content and the length or duration of the media they’re viewing.

Are they male or female?

Depending on your business, gender could be a factor. The industry your business serves may be predominantly male or female, or your products could be geared toward a particular gender. This should be relatively easy to figure out, but if you’re not sure then give it a deeper look.

Once you have a grasp on the relative ages and genders of your consumer base, it’s time to choose where you’ll be marketing the content you create. Below are a number of social networks that are predominantly frequented by certain genders and age groups.

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Sharing your content on the right social networks will draw interest from people who are more apt to view and re-share it. But how do you determine the effectiveness of your content marketing strategy and measure your return on investment?

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