When Content for its Own Sake isn’t Enough

empty pockets

So… It has come to this…

Besides being a bit dramatic, this is the truth of the situation. Creating content simply for the same of doing so isn’t enough anymore.

Aside from the fact that everyone seems to be taking this path lately, churning out piece after piece of content like products on an assembly line, this trend is worrying because it could be leading us in the wrong direction.

Correcting your trajectory

Content is one of the primary forces that drive SEO as we know it today.

This simple fact is what has led to the production of so much content from so many sources. Yes, it’s true that major search engines like to see original, unique content coming from a brand on a regular basis, but I personally don’t think that their goal was to create content generating machines in the form of bloggers and business people trying to make a living.

Creating content for its own sake can be troublesome for a number of reasons. If you try to create too many pieces in a short space of time you could wind up burning yourself out and being unable to write. It happens to almost every writer from time to time and can be very difficult to shake off. You can also begin to see your audience jumping ship because your content has become repetitive; how many times can you discuss the same topic in the same month and still maintain a unique perspective?


Get your passion back

Think like a client for a moment. You’re looking for someone to hire that can help you take your content marketing to the next level. Who is the best SEO firm for the job?

The answer is simple: The best firm for you is going to be outshining their competition with passion that produces results.

As an SEO provider you need to get out of your office (either physically or mentally) and experience your industry firsthand. The inspiration and passion you need to create truly engaging and valuable content is going to some from real life experiences. Even failures can be useful as they can be used as the inspiration or support for a new piece of content. No information gained from your out-of-office experience should be wasted.

Challenge yourself

One of the most difficult aspects of content marketing is telling a story in such a way that it forms a connection between readers and your brand – a connection that will inspire them to take action later on that could benefit you both such as making a purchase.

How can you stick to these principles and still put out enough content to keep search engines and readers happy?

If you find yourself struggling to create enough content that goes above and beyond average, consider writing fewer pieces of content. By doing this you will preserve quality, avoid burnout, and still be able to continue publishing regularly. You can also seek out more visible and advantageous places to post the content you do create. This will help to spread awareness of your work and still allow you to produce and publish on a schedule that isn’t going to wear you down prematurely.


How often do you publish content and where do you publish it?

Examples of publishing locations are your own blog, guest blogs, forums, social channels, and so on.