The world of webinars can be a wonderful thing! If you want to create a sense of event about your business, then webinars should be your weapon of choice.

Webinars are basically web-based events delivered via the internet. They can be either live – great for audience participation – or pre-recorded. They work incredibly well as a marketing tool because they can bring together powerful elements with a high engagement level such as audio, images, video, music and live action.

It’s pretty common knowledge that webinars are capable of attracting attention and generating huge volumes of site traffic – but they can add value and boost your business in a whole host of other less obvious ways…

1. Develop and Learn

Webinars can help you to stay connected with your target audience, get in-depth insight on their motivations, needs and desires, and use this information to figure out how YOUR business can serve them best. This should be the cornerstone of any business and is the key to growing success.

Live webinar Q&A and customer feedback sessions have a high engagement factor and are excellent ways to learn more about your customers. Try and determine recurring questions, themes and trends to anticipate their needs as this will keep you ahead of the game.

2. Credibility

Webinars are an excellent way to leverage your expertise and set yourself apart as an authority in your field. A good webinar gives a customer value by adding depth of detail and the benefit of your experience. Use your webinars to position yourself as the ‘go-to’ business and generate trust amongst your audience.

3. Replay

Remember that webinars don’t have to be live, and your recorded webinars can be valuable assets that work for your business time after time. Replays cost next to nothing and save precious time and resources. The whole process from sign up to finish can even be completely automated with webinar software so you don’t even have to lift a finger.

Don’t miss out on the added hassle free exposure replays can give your business.

4. Repurpose

You can increase the longevity and value of your webinars by repurposing the recordings into any number of other formats. You could broadcast the audio as a podcast or publish edited transcripts as an ebook. You could select the best bits and make a snappy video for YouTube, or package a series of webinars as a DVD to sell or to give away as a prize.

5. Populate

A solid email list crammed with quality contacts is an essential part of any online marketing strategy. People who sign up for your webinar are the most valuable kind of signups, as they are opting in. These are customers who are genuinely interested in what you’ve got to offer. They are choosing to give you their personal contact details, and are much more likely to invest in your business.

Use your webinars to populate your mailing list with the right people at the right time.

6. Budget

Budget is often an issue for small businesses and entrepreneurs, and the good news is that webinars can be produced and hosted quickly and easily on a tiny budget – if you’re really savvy it’s even possible to put them out there for free!

7. Add Personality

By creating an exciting atmosphere and stamping your personality on your webinar you will boost engagement levels and add an important human element. Draw your audience in and let them see that you are one of them, make them feel good and they will be more inclined to like you and want to develop their client relationship and share their experience with others.

8. Demonstration

Reassure your target audience by giving them proof of how effective your products and services really are. Webinars are ideal for launching new assets as they give the opportunity to personally showcase all the features and benefits of your product or service in a clear and powerful visual format.

Webinars give your target market the opportunity to get a real taste of what you, your business, and your products and services are really like. They offer them the chance to truly benefit from your knowledge and experience, and they offer YOU the indispensable opportunity of proving your value by offering your clients viable solutions, whilst simultaneously building your authority and credibility, and growing your customer base.

Tailor your webinars to your business goals. The more creatively you approach them, the better your results will be. Maximise the effectiveness of YOUR webinars and they will play a crucial role in achieving a higher level for YOUR business.