Email advertising, email marketingWhat is content generates roughly 20 million web searches monthly.  Whether you work in marketing or accounting – you’ve probably heard the word ‘content.’

But what is content?

In the simplest of terms – content is the stuff on your website.  But just because you have stuff on your website – it doesn’t mean you actually have what people are looking for.

So how do you create content for your website?

First – if you don’t know what people want – then ask them.  Use your Facebook page or Twitter account to start the conversation.  Maybe even send your database an email and ask.  The second option is you can test out content (which is what I do).  I write blogs and content and then watch my analytics to see what people are interested in the most.

Second – write new content and write it often.  Preactive Marketing has information pages and blogs full of useful content.  We’ve optimized the keywords on those pages to match what people are looking for in their searches.  We either teach others how to do it on their own or they realize we know our stuff and hire us.

Third – post that new content to social media sites.  It helps spread the word.  When posting – ask them a question or put something thought provoking in your update.  That will help fuel a dialogue about the topic.

Go back to the first step.  Continually monitor your web traffic to ensure what you’re producing is in fact what people want.  Because you’d be amazed at how quickly what people want changes.