Lots of brands are getting on board with content marketing right now because of the opportunity of big rewards. By properly planning, publishing and executing your content marketing strategy you can vastly improve its success. Here are some key tips:

Document Your Strategy

Full documentation of any content marketing strategy will enable you to work out how each department can use it to succeed. It will also show you how content marketing plays a vital role to each of those departments.

You will then be able to use your documented content marketing for PR, training and recruitment in the future.

Streamline Your Efforts

Creating a regular flow of engaging content is a big investment in time and energy. If you can harness all of your company’s knowledge in one place it can save a lot of time.

By creating a knowledge bank you will have a place for your company leader’s ideas, insights, experience and thoughts, readily accessible to your content creation team. You will need to constantly collect and update data, and use a free knowledge bank template like this.

Track and Align Metrics with KPIs

The metrics you track should be influenced by the goals you set yourself. Your team will need to be proactive about tracking and analysis over a prolonged period of time, and you must not expect overnight success. For an easy way to track metrics, create a spreadsheet or use a custom analytics template.

Target According to Audience Rather Than Ranking

Content marketing isn’t about credibility, it’s about influence.

Rather than just trying to get into big publications, you should target your key audience through niche publications. You may end up with fewer views but they will be views from people more likely to respond to your content.

Create a Leverage Checklist.

Here’s some simple way to leverage your content:

  • Add your newest or most successful articles to your email signature.
  • Translate articles into SlideShare presentation.
  • Encourage your employees to share your content.
  • Try out paid distribution.

There isn’t a formula for content marketing, but by carefully considering how you’re preparing and executing your content initiatives, you’ll be closer to achieving your goals.