car dealersThis past week, I experienced a major loss – my car died. I spent the next few days visiting over a dozen dealerships to find that perfect car that would become my replacement automobile. Though each lot had different models and prices on display, they all had a single similarity: the car salesman. And no matter where I went, that car salesman was persuasive – extremely persuasive.

If it weren’t for the fact that I was on a budget and knew what I wanted, chances are that I would have bought everything on the lot – in every lot! Seriously, car salesmen are some of the most suave talkers in the world. This is when I realized that there’s a key to persuasion, earning trust, and sales success in their method.

Content for Sales

When you develop a content strategy that incorporates the positive aspects of a car salesman, you’ll discover the hidden key to persuasion and content marketing success. When you understand that content marketing is really another form of sales, you’ll be able to maximize this avenue for business growth to the max.

Key lessons include:

  1. Find out what your audience wants. Sure, you have a target audience and want to reach them – but do you know what they want? What they truly want? Don’t be afraid to invest resources into discovering what your ideal audience wants in their content.
  2. And then give it to them. While you want to define your brand and establish your authority, too many businesses try to direct the conversion. Instead, allow your customers to subtly dictate which way the content goes. There’s always a need in the market that isn’t being satisfied. How can your business meet it?
  3. Avoid sales language. Of course, the easiest way to avoid being salesy is to truly focus on adding valuable content to your editorial calendar. Remember, if it sounds anything like a sales pitch, consumers will run in the opposite direction faster than you can make an elevator pitch.

What tips from a car salesman can you incorporate into your content marketing strategy?