Everybody Shut-up!

You’ve got to love an instantaneously relevant and hilariously funny Weird Al parody. I grew up listening and laughing to hits such as “Like a Surgeon”, “Another One Rides the Bus”, and “Amish Paradise”. Do you have a favorite? I might have found a brand new one myself.

In today’s auto-correcting, spell-check-ignoring, bad-grammar-using, WTF-did-Jaden-Smith-just-say?-society, we seem to have gotten away from the basics, and frankly, I’m annoyed by it all. Maybe it’s my age, maybe it’s in my nature? :)

As a regular writer and avid reader, I can tell you that I see pretty much every instance that Mr. Yankovic points out in his video on a daily basis. I’m not saying that I’m perfect. I make these mistakes too. Its so funny that I literally almost spit my water on my screen. How’s you like that? ;)

Check out the video set to the tune of Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines”.

What did you think? Which of these examples are your personal pet peeves?

Here are a few that struck a chord with me:

  • The blog post reference (obviously!)
  • Improper use of contractions, especially it’s vs. its and they’re vs. their/there.
  • The incessant use of the word “literally”.
  • People who say “expresso”.

From a co-marketing perspective where you’re sharing and publishing your articles on other websites, you should always take the time to use proper grammar and proofread your articles thoroughly. If you don’t, you’ll look unprofessional. Same thing goes with your social media updates. Don’t be an easy target for trolls.

Next time you write something, make sure a different set of eyes views it because no matter how many times you proof it on your own, there’s always going to be something you miss.