Whether it’s web content, a pay-per-click ad, blog post, or any other kind of marketing material, it’s crucial you proofread it before sending it out to cyberspace for the world to see. There are many factors that go into establishing credibility for your company—and if your web content is filled with spelling and grammatical errors, it’s going to make your business look unprofessional and put a doubt in your prospective customers’ minds.

Here are 3 proofreading tips to ensure your web content is error-free:

Always use spell-check. You’d be surprised at the number of people who clearly publish their web content without doing this. Maybe it’s because they’re writing directly into a content management system or a blogging platform that doesn’t offer spell-check, but that’s still no excuse. If needed, type your web content up in a Word document first and then transfer it over. Spell-check can’t catch everything, but it will catch all the basics, like spelling errors, repeated words, and some grammatical issues.

Always read your web content out loud. After running spell check, read your web content out loud to see if you can find any other typos the program might have missed. Reading out loud also offers the additional benefit of helping you identify sentences and paragraphs that are confusing or aren’t flowing like they should. If anything trips you up or doesn’t make sense, take the time to revise it. Reading out loud can help you produce higher quality web content and make you a better writer.

Use a lifeline. For particularly important web content, you might want to consider sending it to a friend so they can proofread it too. Even if you’ve read it a hundred times and found no errors, another set of eyes can usually find something you’ve missed. My friend recently sent me a paper to proofread and I found two errors she missed after proofing it on her own a few times. Consequently, she’s done the same for me. Asking a friend to proofread for you is always worth it in my opinion.

Proofreading might be an extra step in your marketing efforts, but it will pay off in the long run. Producing high quality, error-free web content is a sign that your company is credible, which can only lead to higher conversion rates for you.

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