Stream-Blog_Graphics_WarmHolidayLeads_12-10Lead nurturing can be one of the most effective marketing strategies your business implements this holiday season. From collecting important contact information to help guide your prospects through their buyer journey to staying top of mind for your prospects, lead nurturing provides an automated way to give your prospects exactly what they need at the right time.

Check out the top ways that you can warm up your leads this holiday season.

Map Your Educational Content To The Buyer Journey

Providing relevant content for your visitors is crucial for warming them up in good lead generation strategy. If you’re not optimizing your content around the services and products that potential leads are looking for that can benefit them, rather than your business, you should reconfigure your strategy.

Providing relevant, informational content that answers your visitors’ questions or fulfills their demands is simple: Answer the questions that visitors would most like to know about your product or service and answer basic questions about your product, company, or service to keep them informed.

For example, if you’re an automotive dealership looking to sell your inventory of 2016 Hyundai Elantras, what basic information about the product could you provide to your visitor and potential lead?

Some information can include reviews on the vehicle’s technology, how it compares its competitors, and safety features. Information about your company could be its close proximity to where the potential lead resides or convenience features offered, such as free car shipping in select areas close to them.

Notice how none of this content is focused on consumer consumption but instead informing the consumer of the product and your dealership services. All of your content should mirror the journey your buyer is taking from curiosity and research about your product and service all the way down to learning more about your company and why you are the obvious choice to do business with.

Use Educational Offers To Collect Contact Information

Now that you’ve created educational content that matches the buying journey, give them the option of converting by proposing special offers. This is where the magic happens.

Downloading checklists, eBooks, and coupons are all great incentives for your potential lead to offer more information about themselves so you and your company can follow up with more information about the product. After the form has been completed, you officially have your lead.

The information given by the lead shows their genuine interest in your specific product. It also offers an incentive for your lead to return in the future. Unique incentives and offers given by your company that stand out from competitors is also a great opportunity for your lead to tell other prospective leads about their experience.

Use CTAs And Post Where It Matters

Although content and incentives are the bread and butter of lead generation, calls to action (CTAs), layout, and posting information where potential leads can find it easily accessible are just as important, if not more so. Providing this relevant and informational content on blogs, social media, or websites can be seen as best practices for places to inform your potential leads about your product or services.

For your lead to find your offer or incentives, your optimized, informational content should host CTAs to fit the lead’s needs. Keep in mind the type of lead you’re attracting and think about the CTAs that may work best.

If you have time, A/B test some CTAs. Buttons, forms, and images don’t all work the same way for every market and company. These CTAs should navigate to a carefully thought-out landing page, where the consumer can easily read the offer or incentive and fill out the form that provides their information to obtain that offer.

Lead Nurturing Doesn’t Stop

After the lead has filled out the form and converted, what happens next?

Make sure that you thank the lead for their information and follow up with any information they may need to continue the process. You don’t want to leave a lead cold or omit information in your follow-up because then they have less of a chance of actually purchasing your product or speaking to other potential leads about their experience.

Be sure to review how your educational content is performing to ensure that you’re providing your prospects with details that solve their problems. Do you have a piece of educational content that’s performing well? Consider sending an automated email with this special download you’ve hand selected for your prospect.

These are just a few simple ways to turn your visitors into leads and keep your leads informed throughout the buyer journey.

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