There is more to content consumption than simple information transfer. If it were just about getting the information, people would be just as happy to learn from a dry research paper as from an engaging piece of content with reader participation in the comments. Content consumption has an emotional as well as intellectual component, and it’s largely the emotional part that creates reader engagement. If you’re having difficulties writing interesting and engaging content, there are a number of straightforward techniques you can try. Here are three of them:

Choose the Right Topics

With enough skill, you can make any topic interesting. However, topics that resonate with your readers give you a head start. Identifying these is a matter of looking at content on your website as well as on other sites that have generated a large response in the comment sections. Note that a high comment count is a relative thing. You’re looking for a count that’s high for the particular website you are viewing.

Review your web pages with the most views and comments, and look for any unanswered questions or topic omissions that you overlooked when writing the piece. With time you naturally learn more about things, and perhaps it’s time to resurrect the topic with fresh new information or insights. Also think about closely related topics.

Choose the Right Time for Writing

As mentioned previously, content consumption has an emotional component. If your goal is to write content that evokes fascination in your readers, then don’t write when you’re feeling bored or tired. Wait until you have sufficient energy as well as passion for the topic at hand. For some, this moment occurs in the morning after their first coffee and after reading stimulating content. When writing your content in the midst of this intellectual high, your interest and passion will show in your words and your readers will pick up on it.

Write from Personal Experience

The reader’s interest always picks up on content about something that happened to you. It’s a kind of personal disclosure that increases the bond between yourself and your readers because you’re confiding to them. This psychological effect is always present even when the topics are about shallow experiences. Writing from personal experience gives your content greater credibility. For example, recommending a product based on how it directly benefited you is more convincing than citing lots of dry statistics.

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