Shows like The Voice and American Idol provide incredible content marketing advice …for a song. Where else can a brand-to-be, like Daughtry or Carrie Underwood, get coached to sing someone else’s song in a way to make it their own?

Voice Lessons On Content Marketing

Repurposing and curating messaging so it “sings” is a critical part of every marketer’s content marketing strategy. Businesses and individuals need a content marketing strategy to amplify their awareness. With original content coming at a time and resource premium, many individuals and brands cannot solely rely on developing only original content to cultivate their awareness and credibility. Face it, creating content is expensive and time-consuming. Using others’ content is a great way to augment your brand, It’s also somewhat validating since someone else created it. Marketers should take a lesson from CeeLo and Christina Aguilara so they can create curated content to get them noticed and establish their brand!

3 Ways The Voice And American Idol Provide Content Marketing Advice

  • People Are Interested In Your Take On Curated Content. Just like we love hearing unknown people at a bar or party cover our favorite songs, customers and followers love reading your take on content in which they are interested. Your social network and others are interested in repurposed content, as long as you put you your own spin on it.
  • You May Think You Know How To Curate Content, But Do You Really? Just because you curate content, does not mean you are doing it well. Your blog posts and tweets that you pass on could be underperforming like the really goofy American Idol contestants who do not make it to the second round? Your current approach to content marketing could be harmful to your branding health. Do you think Adam Lambert could have made it if he did not have a coach? Are you using the right hashtags and keywords? Are you adding the right tweak to the message? How many times have you heard Simon Cowell say that a great American Idol contestant picked the wrong song? The bottom line is that most individuals and brands need coaching to make sure they are delivering the best content on the best channels.
  • Be Careful Your Audience Does Not Vote You Off Their Following List. It’s a tough music and content world out there. If people do not like your stuff, then they will let you know of their disapproval. On The Voice, singers will be voted off the show and people will not download their iTunes songs. And in business, customers will decide not to follow social media channels or to do business based on content relevancy and the interest it generates. Your network will vote to choose to read, follow and pass your content on to their friends and followers if they like your content; so pay attention to your coach to make sure that does not happen!

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Great coaches and content can make use all winners. Dig down deep to find your voice to create and curate the best content as possible so you can become the American (or Canadian, etc.) idol of your audience!