Facebook images create engagement

As the year draws to a close we’re all thinking about 2015. How much of your content plan is visual? Research shows conclusively that an image or photograph is the most engaging content on Facebook, garnering an 87 percent interaction rate from fans. Adding a photo to your to tweets can boost re-tweets by 35 percent. If your team is not yet conversant with the latest visual content tools, and able to produce an eye-catching image quickly and easily, you have two choices:

  • Hire an outside visual content agency

Ignoring the power of visuals is no longer an option. Done right visual content can boost results through the roof – even for what some may consider a dry-as-dust BtoB IT services firm.

SunGard Availability Services, a company that offers cloud computing and disaster recovery services, created a video series based around the holidays. They analyzed their audience’s content consumption patterns and used this data to create videos that they knew would get a good reception. The videos injected humor into common home-for-the-holidays issues that were cleverly tied to their IT customers’ pain points at work.

The videos were distributed via email, social, PR, and paid media. They played right into a current topic that was on many people’s radar at this time of the year.

Results: Over 3,000 leads generated in 3 days. Email click and click-to-open rates were 2-3X their average. Downloads of the white paper mentioned at the end of the video had an 87 percent click-through rate.


Awesome job SunGard. Just goes to show anyone can produce great visual content that gets results. All it takes is research, smarts, creativity, and the skills to use the tools available.

If your team is not able to put together a campaign like this, give us a call – we can train them how to do it in three days. Or if you prefer, we’ll do it for you.