They say a picture says a thousand words, and the way consumers are responding to visual content it appears those pictures are saying BUY ME. On visual content based social sharing platforms, pictures are sharing compelling stories that can not be written. These stories are so compelling that they are converting users into every marketers dream: site visitors with a strong intent to purchase.

It may sound like I’m exaggerating until you consider the facts:

  • Pinterest users spend nearly 80% more on shopping purchases per session than Facebook users and 1.4X more than Twitter users.
  • Social sharing of ecommerce content overwhelmingly comes from Pinterest users.
  • 1 of every 3 online consumers who visit a social image sharing site have made purchases based off of the images found on that site.

We as marketers must think forward for our clients. Facebook currently generates 2X more social sharing that Pinterest, although it’s member base is 17X size of Pinterest. Consider this with the common knowledge that young people are no longer interested in Facebook and the case for visual content ascends to even greater importance.

Leverage Visual Content to Promote Your Business’ Values. Pinning is an act of leisure for its users: Pinterest usage soars in the evenings and night while Facebook and Twitter usage peaks during professional working hours. iPad users are nearly 2X more likely to share content on Pinterest than on Facebook or Twitter.  Without the fear of a colleague spotting them using social media, Pinterest users are at liberty to take their time absorbing imagery that inspires and reflects their lifestyle.

Now is the time for content marketers to create visual content first strategies. For most marketers visual content is being incorporated into their solutions as bonus fixtures, not as essential components of their strategy. However the numbers on social media sharing make it clear that visual content is just as powerful as standard text based content (if not more so), and deserves an equal commitment of resources.

Do you already leverage Pinterest and other image sharing social sites? Share your successes and learnings in the comments below.