Have you ever come across a blog post that was only text and no images, but could have been better with added visuals like an image or a video? It’s time to put boring content aside and embrace the more visually stimulating side of content! Can your blog post be repurposed into a video or something else? Can these posts use custom header graphics to grab your readers attention? The importance of having content that is visually stimulating is key to gaining a positive online reputation and awareness for your brand. Here is a video that tells the importance of such content, through the story of a fisherman by the sea…


There once was a fisherman
who lived down by the sea.
He longed for a journey
of good content, visually.

He often dreamed of sailing,
leaving text behind.
The hero of the 4 in 10
who’d rather see design.
Of all the information
presented to the brain,
Ninety percent is visual;
Text can seem so plain.

On course through vibrant images,
sailing with intent,
He saw visuals were more memorable
By sixty-five percent.

The seafarer loves the colors
as they do transcend.
9 out of 10 say it attracts
new customers in the end

With bold color and pictures
a clear idea is sent
And so a visual voyage
is really time well spent.

Awakened at the seaport,
the fisherman was sure;
Content that is visual
is certain to endure. (is a bet that is secure)

And this seafarer’s journey
Shown infographic-style
Can raise traffic by 12%,
Money spent is worthwhile.

Use the angler’s knowledge, friends;
Make videos that ‘wow!’
Eighty-five percent watch online,
They could be watching now.

Visuals in content
can set a company free.
So be a hero, visually,
like the fisherman by the sea.