Video Content — a.k.a. Content TV — Explodes

Here are three terrific examples of content marketing via video.

Target Marketing Magazine launched its newest initiative, DMIQ TV in mid-May. Featuring the “Direct Mail Package of the Week,” content is built on Target’s extensive “Who’s Mailing What” archives. DirectMarketingIQ uber-editor Ethan Boldt stars in the first episode.

The fold factory is already in the act, with Chief Folding Fanatic Trish Witkowski presenting her “Fold of the Week.” Check out this episode. Other great videos at the Fold Factory website offer additional video tricks to unfold.

If you’re into swimming underground, this video is for you. Obviously this one is professionally shot and edited, with a BIG budget, but it does demonstrate the trend to “your own TV channel.”

I see a move to the DIY model demonstrated by Target Marketing, to wit: proprietary-yet-public broadcast channels that feature an ongoing series and/or recurring educational content.

We’re all gonna need a very complex remote control.