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The pink striped bags, the catalogues, the Angels…just mentioning Victoria’s Secret conjures images of beauty, comfort and luxury. The brand is unapologetically feminine, with ornate black furniture, soft lighting and light pink wallpaper that make the shops feel more like boudoir dressing rooms than stores. Everything is designed to enhance the shopper’s experience.

The company has branded itself as a luxury destination for women, and it intersperses that message throughout everything it makes. Since founder Roy Raymond sold the first five Victoria’s Secret stores to Limited Brands in 1982, the lingerie retailer has grown to more than 1,000 stores in America and more than $5 billion dollars in annual profit, mostly thanks to its targeted marketing strategy.

Victoria’s Secret Tempts Women with Targeted Email Marketing Campaigns

If you sign up for VS emails, you’ll receive two or three messages each week offering an exclusive coupon or members-only shopping event. VS subscribers also get first looks at each new collection, giving them a sense of exclusivity.

It’s important to make subscribers feel like they are benefitting from staying on your email list. This is the key to a successful email marketing campaign. Many people will opt out of emails that annoy them, but if each email comes with the promise of something new or an exclusive discount, subscribers won’t dare opt out for fear of missing a great deal.

Annual Fashion Show Gets Social

Another major part of Victoria’s Secret’s success is its annual fashion show. Every year during the first week of December, VS airs its pre-recorded show, complete with backstage footage, musical performances by top artists and, of course, leggy bombshells in extravagant outfits.

The 2012 show attracted more than nine million viewers when it aired on December 4. VS fans were also able to watch exclusive clips on the CBS website, live tweet the event with a special hashtag and interact on the show’s Facebook page. Viewers who wanted to get Adriana’s abs or Behati’s biceps could work out like an Angel with recorded exercise videos on the VS YouTube page while listening to the “Train Like An Angel” playlist on Spotify. Coordinating all of your social media pages for an event is an excellent way to introduce cohesion and variation in your social strategy.

They’ve Had Their Share of Controversy

From the Native American-themed costume in the 2012 fashion show to the Bright Young Things collection that may or may not have been aimed at teenagers, Victoria’s Secret is no stranger to controversy. For many content marketers, controversy is good, but only to a degree. If you write a blog post that gets a little more controversy than you intended, follow in VS’s footsteps and clarify the situation, correct the mistake and apologize to those offended.

Recently, Victoria’s Secret has seen some competition in the form of online lingerie retailers promising items with more fashion and less expense. The idea behind this is good – women want to save time and money – but these new businesses are missing the magic of VS. Women don’t go for the items, they go for the experience, and that’s certainly not something they can get through a website. Using their content marketing campaigns to remind shoppers of this is exactly what made Victoria’s Secret the leading lingerie retailer and a top-notch content marketer.