Content Marketing MascotIn many situations in life, the less you say, the more effective your words will be. That especially applies to your content marketing technique. It is very important to choose your content words wisely so that people don’t grow impatient and move on.

The right approach

When it comes to your marketing content, it is important to take a good, hard, long look at your content before you make any changes or create anything new at all. Another extremely important issue is choosing your target audience before you do anything with your content. If you happen to be a the beginning of the process of choosing your target audience, a good approach may be for you to initially choose who you think is appropriate to target and then keep refining your list until you have the “perfect” group to target. As you are in the process of refining, it is important to recognize the improvements that need to be made in order to make your list as effective as possible. An important part of perfecting your content marketing is making it as lean and as efficient as it can possibly be.

The definition of lean content marketing

It is a good idea for you to think of lean content marketing as an approach of continual refinement. You will be refining the length of your content, the topics that you choose, and many other parts of your content marketing that will ultimately affect the results of your marketing content campaign. In order to successfully stay as lean as possible, you will need to create new content on a regular basis, maintain analytics on that content, and use the data to build new content. It is a continual cycle that is easy to follow and you will be surprised at how successful you will be using that approach.

As you go through subsequent cycles of the same process, you will start to identify topics that you may have originally believed were valuable but that no longer hold such significant value. Those topics will be replaced with topics that will ultimately result in more conversions and, ultimately, more revenue for your business. Establishing lean content marketing is an approach that really works and, therefore, is well worth your investment of time and effort.

The many uses of lean content

It is important for you to understand that lean content is not just for you when you are first starting your business. In fact, most businesses can benefit from a lean marketing content campaign. In the majority of cases, there is always unnecessary content that can be edited out. There are several different ways to approach your campaign to creating leaner content:

Identify your difficult points: On an extremely basic level, as a business owner, you must subscribe to the “WIIFM” (“What’s In It For Me?”) marketing concept. In other words, the other person has a problem and he or she has turned to you to solve the problem. It doesn’t matter how wonderful you and your business are. All that matters is having the ability to solve the other person’s problem(s). It is also important for you to allow the other person to tell you what he or she needs and wants. Make sure that you do a really good job of listening. In your quest to become leaner, you should speak directly with your clients rather than relying on second- or third-hand information.

Think simple in the beginning: Now that you have formulated what you need to do, you must make sure that the content that you create is as impactful as possible and you need to do that with as few words as possible. That will serve many positive purposes, including the concept that your audience will be interested in your content because it is short, meaningful, and to the point. People love that! Your content can pack a punch but be still be concise and clear. It is also important that you don’t discount the value of content curation in this situation. You can take valuable content and test it out with your audience without too much effort at all. That doesn’t mean that you don’t have to come up with original content as well. You can share a combination of the two.

Pay attention to how engaged your audience really is: You can gather the analytics of how involved your audience is with your content and your branding. This will be easy to do by measuring “likes,” how many retweets you are getting, bounce rates, etc. It will be quite easy to get your hands on that information.


As has been discussed here, there are many different ways to make your marketing content leaner and more effective. It is definitely worth making the effort to refine your content in an effort to make it leaner and more efficient and effective. As is always the case anyway, constantly improving upon what you have is critical to your continued professional success. It is also important to remember that you only have a few seconds to capture your target audience’s attention when it comes to your content and leaner content lends itself well to that. Additionally, there are many ways to “sell” your offerings. A long-winded approach is not always the most effective way.

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