If you’re reading this post, chances are you’re involved in content marketing. Because content marketing is no longer a shiny, new concept there’s quite a lot of information, numerous strategies and untold opinions on it. There are also a rather large number of myths about content marketing too.

Among those many myths, is this one: ‘video content is just too expensive’. Well, we’re here to explain how that myth came about and how it simply isn’t true.

It’s Not That Video Can’t Be Expensive…

…it’s just that it doesn’t have to be.

Of course, you can employ a professional production company and pay a lot of money for a slick and seamlessly edited video. In the past, that was one of the limited options open to marketers who wanted to add some spice to their content with the odd, engaging (but slightly staged) video.

But those days are in the past. With the explosion of social media, live streaming and viral videos shared from mobiles, marketers are in the position of having a much wider range of choice than ever before.

For some of you, using an expensive, professional studio that knows exactly how to light and stage a video for your purposes, is still the perfect option. But, if you can’t afford their services, there are other, much more affordable ways to create and publish video content.

Do it Yourself

how to make diy youtube video

YouTube’s popularity has made video creation and publication much more accessible than ever before. Stats from YouTube show there are over 1 billion users of its site – almost one third of all internet users. And, figures from Statisica highlight over 400 minutes of video are uploaded to YouTube every, single, minute.

Those figures show just how many people are able to upload videos online, suggesting it’s pretty easy to do, too. Of course, most people who want a content marketing video, want it to look at least a little bit professional. But, that’s achievable in a DIY setting too. Don’t believe us? Try these tips:

  • Use a smartphone or tablet.
  • Write a rough outline of your video.
  • Create a blank background if you’re filming inside.
  • Try and find a location with plenty of natural lighting.
  • Source a tripod to keep things steady.
  • Use an external microphone, making sure its unobstructed and well positioned.
  • Do a couple of test-takes to make sure your backdrop/set-up looks how you want it to.
  • Keep it brief.
  • Use free editing apps or software that are easily available, such as Windows Movie Maker, Apple iMovie or Power Director.

Once you’ve been through the process a few times, it will become easier and you’ll gain confidence in both your presenting skills and your staging ideas. Before you know it, your videos and editing knowledge will become a major skillset you and your employers are proud of.

Employ a Freelancer or Approach Smaller Production Firms

If you’re just not keen on the DIY route, you can look for more affordable professionals. Freelancer’s may come at a daily or hourly rate that seems expensive. But, you can employ them for one-off jobs which means you can use them only when business is good. It also means they’ll probably work very hard for you, to secure the prospect for future work.

If you do want a series of videos and are prepared for it with scripts and sequence outlines, you’ll be surprised at what you can achieve in just a few hours. Of course, the editing takes time too. But if you can discuss and agree a fee based on the job being finished and not necessarily how long it takes your freelancer, then you’ll probably get quite a lot of service for your money.

Still feel a little unprofessional? Another option is to look at a number of different studios and production firms. Following the boom in video content marketing, there are more business-to-business production studios around than there used to be. Yes, it will cost more than doing it yourself, or possibly a one-off freelancer. But if you’re adamant you can’t achieve what you want without a studio, this is the route you’ll have to take.

If you opt for a recommended firm, request a free trail shoot. Then, if you’re happy with them, discuss a discounted package or rate. That way, you’ll know exactly how much of your content marketing budget will go on video, which will make your budget planning a little easier.

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Video Content is Worth the Time and Effort

Of course, creating your own video content, or sourcing an affordable video content production firm you’re happy with, takes time and effort. But, with so many potential clients increasingly engaging with video, it’s the perfect way to reinforce a brand message or to accompany a new launch.

Indeed, more marketers than ever are going down the video content marketing route, with 87% of online content marketers using video in their strategy. From a consumer perspective, 90% of users said product videos are useful when they need to make a purchasing decision.

With figures like that, your only decision needs to be when will you begin creating your video content!

If you’re ready jump on the video content train, you’ll want to do it right!
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