In our age of 24/7 connectivity and multiple screens, people are consuming more content than ever. With so much to read, watch, and hear, brands have realized that they need to create unique and engaging content in order to reach consumers. That’s why content marketing strategies are the current king of the advertising world.

One of the most effective strategies is corporate blogging. Companies like Starbucks and Patagonia have been wildly successful in creating engaged communities around their blog, and the content on B2B blogs like Hubspot and SEOmoz is as popular as the companies themselves.

In the past, Magnet has provided some tips on getting started with a corporate blog, but the biggest challenge is coming up with interesting ideas for content. One thing we recommend is creating an editorial calendar to keep yourself consistently delivering content to your audience. But even with the calendar, writer’s block happens, and other times you just don’t have the time to produce an article.

Contently is a service designed to solve this problem. It helps connect brands and media companies with a network of qualified writers and freelance journalists that can contribute meaningful content to any sort of blog.

On one side of Contently is “the network,” which helps writers quickly and easily create a portfolio of their work and develop a personal brand. There are also analytic tools to help writers track how their content performs around the Internet.

The other half is dedicated to serving publishers. The writers in the network are organized by topic expertise, location, and social influence to ensure that you find someone that will attract eyeballs to your blog in addition to writing great articles. There is also a platform to help manage an editorial calendar, coordinate story pitches, and publish content.

After exploring Contently in the Magnet Labs, we were really struck with its utility and potential. While they advertise their work with bigger publishing brands like The Atlantic, we think that smaller companies really stand to benefit the most. What better way for a startup to attract attention online than by publishing a steady stream of unique content that people are excited to read? Add to it the fact that writers will want to share their work with their personal networks, and a brand has the potential to reach thousands of people who would otherwise never get exposed to it.

We have helped a brands get started with a blogging strategy, and know first-hand how hard it can be to consistently come up with creative content. We are definitely keeping Contently bookmarked as a source to reach out to new writers when we need some fresh ideas.

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