Waiting doesn’t mean wasting time any longer. Whether you’re in line at the polls, at a fast-food restaurant, or simply waiting for a meeting to begin, chances are that you’re tapping into your mobile device. Yet for many marketers, tapping into the vast mobile audience is difficult. So before you clock out for the weekend, take a look at this week’s TDA Content Happy Hour, which reviews recent developments in mobile content marketing.

CMO Council finds mobile growing among b2b marketers
By Kate Maddox at BtoB
With mobile marketing on the rise, why are so many marketers dissatisfied with their efforts in this arena? Maddox cites a recent study by the Chief Marketing Officer Council that found 16 percent of B2B marketers currently have a formal strategy for using mobile to engage customers, while 54 percent are developing such a strategy. Yet 43 percent of marketers, says the report, are unsatisfied with their mobile marketing outreach. Maddox notes that authors of the report suggest understanding mobile behavior – and tailoring content accordingly.

The Mobile Video Landscape: What Brands Should Consider
By Eric Korsh at Online Video Insider
According to Korsh, recent industry forecasts show double-digit growth for smartphone video consumption. So how do you take advantage of this opportunity? Korsh suggests three ways to understand how mobile users interact with their devices.

Is Your Content Marketing Keeping Pace with Your Buyers?
Staff report at Social Media Today
The high-tech industry is familiar with Moore’s Law, which posits that computer processing power will double every year. Now there may be a marketing parallel that might stem from the proliferation of mobile devices. This piece claims that content-consumption capabilities will also double annually. Organizations that don’t keep up with the growing demand for more content, the article suggests, will struggle to be considered by potential customers.