Content marketing is an incredibly hot topic at the moment.

It’s a buzzword that sounds great, but so many don’t fully understand what it really is and how to go about making it work for their business.

I held an interview with Constant Contact’s Content Manager and content marketing expert, Dave Charest, to find out what content marketing really is and how marketing consultants and small businesses alike can use this technique to grow their business.

So, Dave, I think the first question is pretty obvious…what is content marketing?

Great question, I would define content marketing as the creation and promotion of relevant and valuable content in all its forms (audio, video, text), designed to attract, convert, and retain a well-defined audience, with the ultimate goal of driving profitable customer actions.

We have been telling our Solution Providers and marketing consultants all about content marketing and how they can use it for their business. As someone who creates content marketing strategies for a living, what do you think would be a good first step for a marketing consultant whose goal is to try and grow their client base with content marketing?

The best first step would be to really understand who YOUR audience is. What types of people do you want to attract to your business? Look to your existing best customers. Talk with them. What problems do you solve for them? What do they struggle with? What are their fears, dreams, and aspirations? Really listen to what your best customers have to tell you, then create content that speaks to those things. At the end of the day, your content needs to resonate with who it is you’re trying to attract.

Now that we understand exactly what content marketing is, do you have any advice for marketing consultants who are trying to help their clients with content marketing?

It’s really more of the same. Get to know their customers and understand them on a deeper level as well. Then you can start to figure the next best actions. What pieces of content do you need? Where do you need to promote that content? Another thing to keep in mind is that it’s really important to help them show off the personality of their business. Content should allow prospects to get to know, like, and trust the business. Personality can often be a key differentiator from competitors.

Ready to get started?

Content marketing is a hot topic and a buzzword for a reason. Your content allows you to resonate with your customers and show your expertise. It also gives customers the chance to get to know, like, and trust you. Without these things, it would be very hard to grow your business, so hopefully Dave has convinced you to develop a content marketing strategy for your business.

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