This success story tells an age-old tale, one of a marketing team adrift in a morass of content, who found their way to solid ground by following buyer intent signals emitted by their perfect audience. In other words, this video tells the story of how a tech firm transformed their fast and loose content marketing initiatives into an intelligent, targeted strategy informed by intent data.

According to Tony Lombardo, Director of WW Digital Marketing and Technology, the content marketing strategy at CommVault was neither data driven nor market intelligent. But, by peeking at the wants, needs, and intent signals of buyers actively researching solutions to their pain points, his team was able to successfully redefine the firm’s content marketing strategy.

CommVault’s Senior Director of WW Digital Marketing Dawn Colossi said, prior to their strategy overhaul, the firm’s content marketing efforts and campaigns weren’t hitting the right audience. When they did find an audience, their timing was not usually right.

“We were completely missing early-stage content,” Colossi said. Without a bird’s eye view into their marketspace, and lacking a stream of synthesized buyer intent data, the firm was flying blindly, producing mid-funnel content for folks who were actually at the beginning stages of their buying journeys.

But, once they partnered with a leading market intelligence / intent data science provider, buyer intent signals identified the audience that needed their content and their solutions. As it turned out, targeting a comprehensive, intelligent content marketing strategy wasn’t all that elusive — that is, once the firm had tapped into the power of buyer intent data.

One SiriusDecisions ROI award for content strategy later, it’s evident that a content marketing strategy fueled by quality buyer intent data was the overhaul this firm’s marketing organization — and its audience — needed.

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