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Have you ever created a piece of content that did nothing for your site. No inbound links, no bump in conversions, and just a handful of shares (which were the ones you bought on Fiverr).

Want to know why your content isn’t making the splash it should?

You’re going through the content creation process the wrong way.

What Comes First, the Target or the Arrow?

What’s the first thing you do when you receive a request for any type of content? You brainstorm the direction of the content and come up with the topic and outline. But what you should be doing first is finding your end targets.

WordStream calls this the reverse funnel approach, which focuses on the content promotion as one of the most important parts of content marketing and, therefore, should be one of the first things you consider when creating content.

Let’s take your content marketing strategy and turn it upside down.

Discovering the Light at the End of the Funnel

It’s always easier to get someplace if you know where you are going. Take the same approach with your content.

There are generally three reasons to create content:
1) Traffic and Shares
2) Leads and Conversions
3) Links and Brand Awareness

The reverse funnel allows you to focus on these goals my bringing promotion to the forefront. You need to create content that you already know journalist and bloggers are looking to share.

Search your general topic in Top Content on BuzzSumo. This will give you an idea of what is being said about it, how well it does on social media, and which angles do better than others.

Use this research to determine the most popular angles to take on your topic. For example, one of our clients wanted a video on meth houses. Using BuzzSumo, we learned that lawyers were talking about what legal actions you can take if you find out your home was used to make meth, real estate and investors were talking about flipping meth houses and reselling them, and home improvement bloggers were writing about what to do if you find out your home is a former meth lab.

Bonus Tip: The highest shared articles about the topic we use with Sniply.

sniply meth

We also did a quick search for influencers who talk about meth houses or home renovations. Once we decided on the best angles, we incorporate the best angles in our video. While mentioning several angles worked for this video, be cautious that you don’t miss your niche audience or dilute your message by covering too many angles.

tweet influencer

Don’t forget to export your lists of sites and influencers so you can reach out to them once your content is published, which makes your actual promotion stage much easier.

Feeling proactive? Tweet or email a few journalists to get their thoughts on sharing the content you plan to produce.

Another area to focus on in the beginning stages of content creation is the call to action.

Creating content just for the sake of content is a waste of time and resources. Use your content to target a specific buyer persona in a certain stage in the buying process. In order to effectively do this, your call to action will have to be determined before writing your copy. Good copy will leave breadcrumbs from beginning to end setting that specific reader up to take action.

To get started ask yourself what action you want your consumer to take after they read your content.

Focusing on the end of the funnel (promotion and calls to action) at the beginning of your content strategy will make all difference in creating successful content.

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