How to use Quora as a marketing tool

Quora, question-and-answer site, is barely six years old and it has already made its dent as one of the foremost platforms in the digital marketing universe. Robert Scoble, American blogger, technical evangelist, and author, says that Quora succeeds precisely because it integrates the capacities of Facebook and Twitter. Competitor with 46 other Q&A sites, including Yahoo!Answers, Quora dominates by hosting longer and meatier answers to high-quality questions.

Here’s how you can use Quora to your marketing advantage
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Content rules the digital marketing domain, since it is the prime way for you to differentiate yourself. Curata, the company that conducts content marketing research, noted that in two years from now, as much as 88% of marketing will be done through content. But for your content to be noticed, you need evergreen, original, useful material. You need to write about stuff that people want to know more about or question. Here’s where Quora comes in handy. Quora has over 400,000 topics. People write questions that get answered and some responses, or posts amass thousands of followers. I, for instance, turn to Quora for help in selecting the most popular marketing, SEO, advertising, or similar questions. I could do the same by turning, let’s say, to Google Keyword Planner and conducting SEO marketing research. I prefer Quora since it provides me with highly nuanced questions as opposed to generic topics.

Free Marketing

There’s a way to market yourself on Quora. People are constantly asking questions about a large number of areas and industries. You’re more likely to help them, if you work in one of these more popular businesses, such as finance, education, or advertising. But even if you dabble in a seemingly less significant business, such as carpeting, you can still carve some free advertising for yourself by answering some question on business, business methods, or the like and conclude with a byline to your business. Quora recommends that the way to attract readers with your postwiththe way to attract readers with your post is to write your answer in generally known, rather than abstruse terms, be specific, give examples, and share your experience. The last is particularly important from a marketing perspective since you want to impress readers with your expertise.

If your response is strikingly good, your answer may be voted to the top which means that your post will be forwarded to the myriads of people who subscribe to that topic, and you’ll gain a lot of visibility. As of 2016, more than 100 million monthly unique visitors visit Quora. Some topics contain thousands of followers. A well-written response may attract considerable attention.
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Free Research

Surveys cost. Survey Monkey may be one of the cheapest options, but it still costs. To get free marketing, you have to be resourceful, which is where Quora comes in. Let’s say you want some advice or have some niggling questions on your industry or are not sure how, or whether to proceed in a certain direction, you can style that question as a Quora question.

Quora advises that questions Quora advises that questions should be clearly written, they should encourage people to answer them and are on what people want to know. Questions should be open-ended. Check that your question is new, but if it exists, spin your query differently. The marketing blog “Social Fresh” advises that you phrase your question with long tail keywords in mind for SEO purposes, since Google indexes Quora pages based on the keywords in each question. Most important, the question should not be phrased to directly survey peoples’ opinions. Follow these suggestions and Quora may save you hundreds of dollars in survey expense.

Key Points

Quora, foremost question-and-answer platform, is great for idea curation, content sources, marketing, free networking and survey opportunities. People who have been featured on the site include the brightest brains in tech, like Mark Zuckerberg and many field experts and inspiring people, such as Hillary Clinton. Its mission is to “grow the world’s knowledge of all kinds.” You can profit from that to help others while promoting your brand.