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Memes — humorous images or videos — spread quickly on the internet. But are they right for your brand marketing?

Here are comprehensive resources and examples to help you decide – and enjoy the creativity behind the web’s best memes.

Geico Insurance Marco Polo Commercial

Insurance brands make the most of meme marketing: after all, no one wants to think about flood insurance, let alone purchase it. But a funny commercial keeps their brand top-of-mind.

Geico uses the swimming pool game Marco Polo for its latest insurance commercial:

Progressive Insurance Thanksgiving Commercial

Flo, the face of Progressive Insurance, plays multiple parts in this Thanksgiving commercial:

State Farm’s “Never” Commercial

State Farm’s most popular video on its YouTube channel is their spin on the often-heard “I’m never …” declaration from young audiences:

Better Business Bureau Northwest Tax Deadline Meme

Another topic people dread? Taxes. But BBB Northwest has a great meme image to accompany an article on how small businesses can save money on their taxes:

better business bureau northwest tax meme image

LatinPost’s 10 Best Taco Memes

Think your industry doesn’t have memes? They do, and they’re using them to gain visibility and get new customers. LatinPost gathered a collection of the 10 best taco memes:

Using a Photo of a Loved One in Your Meme? Keep a Sense of Humor

Buzzfeed shared this story of a husband uploading his wife’s childhood photo to Reddit. As often happens on the web, it went viral when people used the image for their own humor. His wife thought they were all hilarious:

SproutSocial’s Guide to Meme Marketing

SproutSocial offers a comprehensive guide to memes, including the pro’s and con’s of using them, along with excellent examples:

Bolt’s How-To Guide to Viral Meme Marketing

Content marketing brand Bolt offers a comprehensive how-to guide on making your meme go viral:

Debut a Serious Guide with Humor

The Site Edge offers an in-depth guide to local SEO, which can be a dry topic. Instead, they introduce the long blog post with a funny meme to show their brand’s personality.


These 9 examples and how-to guides offer you a primer on how to create and use memes for your own business marketing. They’re a great way to show your brand’s personality and get visibility at the same time.