UseContentMarketingBlogBringing in new car shoppers is key to the survival of any dealership. However, it costs businesses six to seven times more to attract a customer than it does to retain one, according to the White House Office of Consumer Affairs. That means you need to keep your current customer base engaged if you want your dealership to thrive.

Luckily, content marketing has the potential to send profits through the roof and attract business both new and old. Not sure where to start? Follow the cheat sheet below to find out how content marketing can turn first-time customers into lifelong supporters of your dealership.

Provide Education Content.

Any modern marketer understands the importance of using compelling, remarkable content throughout the buyer’s journey to attract prospects. But to keep those customers coming back, your dealership needs to continue the relationship after the sale.

That’s where educational content comes in. Vehicle reviews, car comparisons, blog posts, e-books, and videos are great tools for connecting with customers and building relationships with them.

It can also set your dealership apart from competitors. Many marketers forget to engage prospects after a transaction, but providing educational content demonstrates a vested interest in the customer experience, increasing the likelihood that they’ll do business with your dealership in the future.

Ask for Customer Feedback.

The best way to ensure you’re providing customers the service they’re looking for is by asking them. When executed correctly, surveys not only shed light on what your customers want, need, and expect from your dealership; they also open a line of communication and keep prospects engaged with your business.

Once you’ve collected enough feedback in your survey, take action to improve the service you provide. This shows that you’re in tune with the interests of your existing customers, increasing the chances that they’ll walk into your showroom again when they need a car.

Nurture Your Current Customers.

Lead nurturing e-mails are a valuable content marketing tool that reconnects your dealership with past customers and opens a line of communication with them – even when they’re not ready to buy.

Sending friendly, informative nurturing e-mails establish contact with your customers, pulling them back through the sales funnel and establishing thought leadership for your dealership. There are several types of lead nurturing e-mails you could be sending, and if leveraged correctly, they can get existing customers back into your showroom.

Stream’s Kick-Start Step:

Sending lead nurturing e-mails can fall to the bottom of your to-do list when you’re busy running a car dealership. Take some time to take a look at those auto-responders you send and think about the person on the other end reading them. Do they answer the questions they came to you with? Might be time to refresh the copy.

Retaining your customers comes down to providing a remarkable, engaging experience long after the initial sale. With a few easy steps, you can launch a content marketing campaign that retains and delights your customers, increases profit, and spurs a new era of growth for your dealership.

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