According to research by Buffer, the following is the break up of the time taken by bloggers to publish an excellent blog. It is evident that content marketers spend significant time in following activities:

Research – Research is necessary to present persuasive arguments and convince prospects. Many content marketers also depend on research to find out great title ideas.

Writing – Writing is the core of content creation.

Image – Content marketers face an immense challenge in designing images for their blogs. They also know that a wrong or irrelevant image will ruin their entire content marketing efforts. Thus, creating compelling images is crucial for their success.

Publishing – A majority of writers use Microsoft Word and Google Drive to write content. Pasting from Word doc to WordPress is a challenging task especially if you have to insert a lot of images.

Promotion – Today, no content will ever be noticed until it is promoted extensively on the on the internet. Thus, content promotion forms an integral part of content marketing.

In addition to writing excellent content, marketers must execute all of the above tasks to make their campaign successful. The good thing is some tools can help you in each of these areas. These applications are quite simple to use and require no or a little learning curve.

Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer

Right headlines can increase Pageviews by more than 500%. That is the reason; many marketers spend a lot of time analyzing the headlines. This tool can assist you in generating great headlines. It provides data-driven, useful insights about the titles that can be of immense help in selecting the right one.

Hemingway Editor

This is an excellent tool to improve the quality of content. Using this tool, you can improve the readability of your content. Also, it is free and very simple to use. Just copy and paste your content, and it will highlight the area which needs amendments. From beginners to experts, all type of writers would find something useful in this application.

Google Search Tools

Google search has a lot of advanced features that you may not know. The search tools are very helpful to writers and content marketers. For instance, if you are looking for statistics, data and facts, you can use the tools or Google Advanced Search to narrow down your searches. It not only saves time, but you will also get accurate results.

If you use Google Drive to write content, you can use Explore feature to search relevant information inside the doc and insert links in just one click. Using the free features provided by Google, you can reduce your research time by 15-20% and also increase the effectiveness of the content significantly.


When you paste content from Google Doc or MS Word to WordPress, the formatting becomes terrible. Depending on the length of the article, you need to spend some time in making the format right before publishing it. Many times, it even inserts some strange characters that you need to remove. If you post content regularly, formatting can consume a lot of time. Use Word2CleanHTML to preserve the formatting in the WordPress. It is a free application where you can copy content from the Word Doc, and it returns clean HTML format which can be directly pasted into WordPress.


Canva is a powerful tool to create images. It is a simple, web-based tool, and therefore, you don’t need to go through a learning curve. It has plenty of image editing options as well as stock pictures that will help you create graphics for your blog post in minutes.


Remember that any tool will solve all the problems. However, they play a crucial role in increasing your productivity and assist you to move in the right direction. Thus, work on a strategy before adopting the tools. Also, some tools may look confusing in the beginning. Thus, you need to use them consistently to develop the habit and take maximum advantage of the same.