When you are focused on your digital marketing conversions, there can be so many metrics to consider that it’s hard to decide which metrics add value to your evaluation. As you measure the following metrics: email, social, paid search and display, knowing what matters is essential to improving your marketing campaign. From open rates, to click through rates and conversions, determining whether your marketing is working or not from month to month takes some investigation.

Vanity Metrics Vs. Metrics That Matter

While you may get excited about page views or the number of followers you have, these type of metrics don’t show how many purchases have been made from your website. While it’s fun to see how many people downloaded a free e-book you have to offer, this offers you no value when it comes to figuring out how your marketing strategy is going. Vanity metrics may boost your confidence, but they don’t give you a clear picture of your success. Metrics that matter are those that measure engagement with your website. Your goal is to attract potential customers and keep them coming back for more. Engagement metrics will show you if you are successful at attracting and converting customers.

Evaluating Your ROI through Digital Technology

The return on your investment, or ROI, can be easy to measure using your digital technology. Focus on leads generated per email, the cost per lead, and the quality of the lead that was generated. Measuring your conversion rates from an initial email contact will show you your ROI from any money you spent generating emails to potential customers.

Reviewing Your Social Media Metrics

Gaining followers on social media may eventually lead to more conversions, but the true measure of the effect of your social media is how many leads or purchases come through your social media platforms. While getting potential customers to share your blog posts is good, knowing how many of these shares results in a purchase is better. As you work on your social media platforms, you’ll want to focus on providing relevant, engaging content to your followers. Measuring the number of likes your receive won’t matter, but seeing how many closed deals are made will.

The Relevancy of Your Paid Search Advertising

Whether you are paying per click through, or by page impressions, the number of clicks or impressions you receive has no value if you don’t measure how many of these clicks have led to a purchase. If you are finding that your paid search advertising budget is depleted quickly with few sales, you’ll need to start testing your ads to see what is more useful to your campaign. When you create ads that work, you will see a return on your investment. When your ads don’t captivate the right audience, you’ll waste money on advertising that doesn’t work.

Understanding Your Display Metrics

You can have a high click through rate, but have no conversions. While you can also measure the cost per impression, this is far less valuable than measuring your cost per acquisition. You may discover that you are spending a majority of your budget on clicks to your website, but you aren’t getting any conversions. In the reverse, you may discover that one particular ad is very successful at bringing customers to your website who end up making a purchase.

As you evaluate your marketing metrics, learn the difference between vanity metrics and those metrics that ad real value. Pay attention to how much you are investing in paid advertising, and make sure that you aren’t wasting money on paid ads without testing to see what works best.