Unshackle your great content. Photo: trevy
Unshackle your great content.
Photo: trevy

You’ve spent the past few months creating exceptional marketing content. Truly top-notch stuff. A series of videos that clearly defines how your product differentiates itself; phenomenal white-papers endorsed by the leading authorities in your industry that speaks of how your product exceeds each and every industry requirement and is the gold standard by which all products should be judged. You truly deserve to pat yourself on the back.

But wait! All of that great content gets locked away in solitary confinement in the deepest recesses of your website, never to be heard, seen, or found. Uh-oh.

Free-Range Content
Of course, it doesn’t have to be that way. But what happened? If a communications plan isn’t devised in tandem with content creation, then those great content initiatives wind up in lockdown until that plan catches up. If it ever does catch up. That takes planning, coordination, and communication. No sweat, right?

Unfortunately, far too many companies either don’t communicate effectively or are so busy that it’s hard to make sure all parts are synchronized. The results can have significant effects on business development and growth. And what’s most devastating is that it doesn’t have to be that way.

Calibrate Your Outreach Schedule
Plan your outbound communications schedule with the ability to shift pieces around if necessary. You might need to shuffle your outbound calendar to ensure you’re highlighting your spiffy new content pieces. Unless of course you’ve got something that’s time and date sensitive, like marketing an event.

Keep It Integrated
Tap every avenue at your disposal to get your message out. Integrate and coordinate. Your marketing plan should consist of many “spokes,” so tap into each of them aggressively and consistently to keep that marketing wheel spinning.

Sorry. No crystal balls. Photo: PunkToad
Sorry. No crystal balls.
Photo: PunkToad

Lose the Crystal Ball
I wish I had a crystal ball. It would make life so much easier. But of course, I don’t, and neither do you. So don’t assume you know the effectiveness of a particular approach until it’s been tried and tested. You just don’t know, so try to refrain from saying “no, don’t do that, it won’t work” until you’ve got analytics to prove it to be the case. To really win big, you’ve got to happily try (and sometimes fail) a lot of approaches.

Be Relentless
Have you ever been told that’s it’s helpful to have a physical picture of your marketplace in your mind? Well, take that picture and add a hearing aid with the volume set as low as it goes. That’s your market. While we don’t like to admit it, in reality our messages aren’t important until we’ve convinced our prospects otherwise. That takes determination, hard work, and skill at building effective messages. Not only that, we still need to be heard over the din of all the other messages competing for attention.

But We Have a Link on our Homepage!
Without a doubt, having your content linked properly within your website is absolutely essential. But unless your site is devised for high-traffic, that link needs to more than visible. It needs to be part of your outbound plan that drives interest and traffic.

So now that you’ve built great content marketing, unchain it and let it run wild, far, and free. It’ll not only attract a lot of attention, but it will be just the kind of attention you’ve been waiting for.

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