Set of christmas ugly vector sweaters, eps 10

If my social calendar is any reflection of a larger trend, ugly holiday sweater theme parties are gaining popularity at an alarming rate. Whether we like it or not, these itchy, unflattering, obnoxiously fantastic sweaters are here to stay and are a celebration of all things gaudy and awesome. If there is anything that this rising trend tells us as marketers, it’s that sometimes what would traditionally be considered unsexy is now becoming not only mainstream, but the uglier the better — when in the right setting.

As marketers, we are often tasked with marketing items that would traditionally be unsexy like research findings, white papers, and data sheets; alongside the more exciting items like sizzle reels, sweepstakes, and fun memes! This holiday season, we’re applying the ugly sweater effect to traditionally less appealing content items and are sharing our three tips to dress your less than sexy content for success by turning it into something clickable, engaging, and shareable. Here’s how:


Infographics are a fantastic way to turn research findings, statistics, and even quotes into something more visually appealing and snackable! Your audience will appreciate the ability to easily ingest the key findings from your latest white paper in the form of a high level infographic while in line at the grocery store. When making infographics, try to also break each individual piece into smaller info-nuggets, which you can then post to your Twitter feed and potentially build into a SlideShare presentation. This will extend the life of your content and help fill out your content calendar. Don’t forget to include a link to the full white paper too, as this visually forward content will grab your audience’s attention much like the great cross-stitching on your ugly sweater, and will leave them wanting more (“Where did you get that sweater?” “What agency made your infographic?” “Where can I read the full white paper?”).

Twitter Chats

So you spent a lot of time finding that ugly sweater commissioning a research study with a partner company or organization, but how do you get your audience talking about the findings? Consider hosting a Twitter chat with the 3rd party you worked with or an influencer in that particular field. Working with another account to co-host a Twitter chat is an effective way to combine the potential reach of your chat and message research findings by combining your social audiences and helps leverage your combined social clout to attract more people to the chat. This also gets your fans more engaged with your research, because they are asked to weigh in with their thoughts and answers. Think of the millions of potential impressions your one-hour twitter chat could get. Just don’t forget to end it with a link to your landing page to read the full research results (and collect names — your lead generation team will love you)!


And of course it won’t be an ON24 post if we didn’t encourage you to turn your content into an interactive webinar! Turn your data sheets and research findings into a panel discussion (the webinar version of your Twitter chat) or have one presenter go over the findings in a fun, interactive format a la “2015 Webinar Benchmarks Report.” Webinars allow your audience to ingest the hard data with your company’s fun point of view incorporated in it. Think about how much fun it is to listen to a podcast or a book on tape — this is the visual version of it. Plus, if you’re feeling sassy, you can have your presenter wear an ugly holiday sweater, too.

‘Tis the season to put a little sparkle on your traditionally less-than-sexy content. How are you turning your content into something that is as engaging and attractive as an ugly sweater? Share in the comments below and join us on January 14 for our Webinar Marketing Predictions event to learn what are going to be the biggest trends in the coming year!