punk rockConfession time: I thought I was “alternative” in middle school because I dressed in black and listened to obscure music. Sound familiar? Lately I’ve been looking back on my adolescence with a mix of affection and embarrassment – but I have also realized, oddly enough, that my weird taste in music has its own merits when it comes to marketing content.

Find Your Niche

Some products aren’t for everybody just like some music isn’t for everybody. But rest assured: your brand is out there for a reason. It just needs the right ears, so to speak. When I was a teenager, hardcore music was there for me when I needed it to be. Maybe your brand isn’t quite so extreme, but every brand has a niche – you just need to find yours. It helps to know what’s trending on social media and make your content just as fresh and inventive.

Do It Yourself

One of the major facets of punk subculture is the “do it yourself” aspect. DIY is a big part of punk. The main drive behind DIY is just as it sounds: if it needs to get done, then you can do it. Punk fans pride themselves in getting things done with very few resources, whether it’s setting up a gig, running a store, publishing a book, or getting the word out about a cause.

The DIY ethic is one of the mainstays of the subculture, but it has also caught on in other places. Doing it yourself is the founding ideology behind brands like Ikea and a great number of trending posts on sites like Pinterest – a great social network for promoting your brand.

Harder, Better, Faster, Louder

What it all comes down to is promoting your brand. That means turning it up to eleven. Make sure that you are not only updating your content, but also syndicating and promoting it. Keep social media networks updated and interact with your fans. Unique, high-quality content will always find its audience.

What do you think? Is punk rock on to something when it comes to content marketing?