Summer is in full swing and there is still plenty of time for vacations. The time to set those out-of-office message alerts: “I will be out of the office and will not have access to email (yippee)!” With this in mind, it’s easy to consider August as a time for businesses to slow down with folks away and it being harder to reach your contacts. One would think with everyone on vacation why bother creating content, increasing marketing and sales efforts or making news announcements? Believe it or not, summer is a fantastic time to get attention and sometimes more than you might achieve during another time of the year.

Think about it. Most companies assume it’s a quieter time so they should save their news and reduce content efforts until they can get the best bang for their buck. Well, it’s not like newspapers and editors go on holiday for the entire summer. News still needs to be produced. In some cases, it may be easier to get attention and reach an editor now rather than during major company launch cycles.  I’m not recommending unveiling your biggest launch of the year during the summer. I am suggesting that you don’t need to put your marketing and PR efforts on vacation just because its summer.

Moreover, the tradeshow circuit tends to slow down a bit now so editors and analysts are more likely to be at their desk than shuttling from show to show. That said, editors as well as analysts might have more time to speak with companies and take an introductory briefing and perhaps write a story about a company now that they have the time to meet and learn more about the company’s value proposition and product portfolio.

And for those who are the lucky ones going on a long vacation, it’s a great time to catch up on reading materials so why not continue to create content? Keep that content flowing. You might get a better chance for your content to be read by a vacationer. Also, it’s important to appear as if activities are continuing, its business as usual to your customers, partners and potential prospects. Plenty of people are still at their desks working hard.

It’s not too late to set a few summer goals tied to marketing and content opportunities but be realistic, too as it will be a slower time period. As things may slow down, it’s a great time for new opportunities to pick up. Below are a few ideas to help with setting these goals:

–          Continue to create content as vacationers will still be reading materials and catching up on reading.

–          With this in mind, if your workload should lessen a bit this month, it is a great opportunity to produce new content, new blog posts, etc. Channel that extra free time to produce and leverage content.

–          Consider issuing news. An editor who didn’t have a chance to write about your company or products earlier in the year may now have some bandwidth and be open to a discussion about your news.

–          Take the opportunity to reach out for a meeting with an editor or potential prospect who you may not have reached earlier in the year. As mentioned earlier, they may have had a busy schedule attending tradeshows or covering major launches and now they are back at their desk and looking for new possibilities.

While many folks may be out on vacation, there are plenty that are sitting at their desks looking for news or content to read and gain insights.  August is not too late to take advantage of these opportunities. I know I will!