B2B content marketing is one of the most important online marketing strategies employed by various businesses. This form of marketing has been there for years and is still there to stay. While others think that B2B content marketing may decrease in 2017, there are trends that prove otherwise. We will look into the trends that show B2B content marketing will not be boring in 2017.

Video will increase

One of the trends that we expect to see in B2B content marketing in 2017 is an increase in video as a form of marketing. Video plays an important role in the success of marketing strategies. Without including videos in your marketing strategies, you will not see positive ROI on your marketing strategies. Statistics show that 85% of content marketers report positive ROI when using video. When included in B2B content marketing, videos will enhance the marketing strategy and thus, ensure that B2B content marketing is not boring in 2017.

Inbound marketers are creating more content

Another trend that indicates B2B content marketing will still be viable in 2017 is the constant increase in the creation of content by inbound marketers. This is a clear sign that B2B content marketing will not be boring in 2017. Were it to be boring, inbound marketers would not be creating more content. In fact, data compiled by Written indicates that 93% of inbound marketers are busy creating more content on weekly basis. The trend by inbound marketers shows a ray of hope for B2B content marketing in 2017.

Social media is critical for content promotion

Social media is always moving forward in terms of trend. Every year, social media sites are highlighted as the leading platforms for content promotion. It is fun to engage in social media marketing. The fact that it is fun to engage in social media marketing clearly shows that content marketing will still have a place in 2017. Many businesses will be seeking to target other businesses in social media and make the best out of social media marketing. With this in place, B2B content marketing will not be boring in 2017.

Content is driving demand

According to a study by Mattermark and Drift, indicates that about 80% of companies have blogs or other forms of online publications. The data is from the 50 fastest-growing B2B companies. If this study is anything to go by, then it is very clear that B2B content marketing will not be boring in 2017 for more companies will be seeking to have their online presence felt.

B2B buyers are demanding personalized content

One major trend that will dominate 2017 is the requirement by B2B buyers to get personalized content. This means that companies have to create personalized content to meet the demand of the market. In doing this, they will be engaging in content marketing and thus proving the point that this form of marketing is still here to stay and will not be boring in any way.

Influencer marketing

Another trend that we expect to sustain B2B content marketing in 2017 is the inclusion of influencer marketing as part of marketing strategy in 2017. This time, influencer marketing will be contextualized in a way that both the celebrity and the brand benefit greatly. With immense benefits from this partnership, B2B marketers are bound to continue with content marketing in a bigger way.

VR and AI

Virtual Reality (VR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are among the leading technological trends that will make content marketing more fun. Google is putting more focus on AI and therefore many companies will be keen on implementing the use of this technology to improve their marketing.


Of course, many other trends show how content marketing will be fun in 2017. The above mentioned are only a few that can confirm that 2017 will not be boring for B2B content marketers.