Hiring for content marketing is a hot topic—but one that’s left some of the most experienced marketers baffled on whom and how to hire.

Content teams are still a new concept to many marketing departments, and there hasn’t been literature on hiring for increasingly critical roles. Until now.

Today, we’re publishing original research on content marketing hiring. And it gets straight to the matter. In a survey completed by more than 500 global marketers in 2014, we asked:

  • Who they hire
  • What qualities they look for in applicants
  • How much they pay their staff
  • Which marketing roles content marketers are responsible for
  • How much content marketing teams are expected to grow in the next year

The full results are in our eBook, Recruit the Dream Team: The Content Marketing Hiring Handbook, which you can download here.

To highlight some of the most telling findings about this new field, check out the infographic below. Click the image to see a larger version, or use the embed code to use this infographic on your own blog or site.