Competition for successful content marketing in 2012 couldn’t be steeper with Google’s Penguins thriving on content, people scrambling to support their SEO efforts with guest blog posting and professional marketers vying for thematic links coming from their unique off page SEO content.

Users are demanding quality content (and rightfully so) from websites at every stage of the online buying cycle and, for search engines, content continues to be the biggest influential factor when returning results. However, for many, getting the most out of content marketing can be tough so let me make things a bit easier for you…

Re-purposing Content

You should have so much existing content at your fingertips that you are struggling to get it all online (if you are thinking ‘really?’, read on) so start repurposing your content and stop looking for new content.

So what types of content can you re-use online?

If you have content in videos and presentations, consider putting this into words and even making a series of articles, guides, how-to documents and white papers from the video/PPT content. Do you attend industry events? Take some pictures whilst you’re there, add some commentary and make some great, engaging content which would not only interest the people that attended but also those that couldn’t attend.

Creative Content Creation

Content can be your unique outlet to the world wide web so make the most of this window to your target audience and let creativity reign. Let’s go beyond guest blog posting and blog commenting, PR, articles and images on Pinterest. Think about what you would want to see form your company if you were a potential/existing customer and how you can add value via content.

Consider things like video messaging with frequently asked questions that you often hear from clients, ways to encourage user generated content on your site and developing content on page that expresses opinion and personality so that people see the human side to your messaging. This will also encourage your audience to syndicate and share your content.

Turbo Charging Your Words

So let’s get going with the ‘marketing’ element of content marketing and really making the most out of every word that you write. Make your life easier by adding social sharing and syndication buttons to your blog posts and news articles and also ensure that these are available when you post content in other places. Ask people for their thoughts and feedback on what you are writing – after all, you are writing content for people right? So, see whether they like it or what they’d like you to do better.

Once you have written your content and enabled people to easily share and syndicate it, get going on some of your own content promotion. Tell people in your Google+ circles that you have written something new and interesting and relevant to what they do. Chat to your friends on Facebook and get some free feedback on what you have done. Promote the content with tweets and start a conversation with people in your sector.

What have I missed from this post? What have you done to get the best results from content marketing? Let me know…