This weeks’ topic is Content Marketing.

  1. Create infographics about topics in your industry that are important. Infographics are “liked” and shared on social media 3X more than other any other type of content. (Source) As people share the infographic, you’ll see more traffic and sales.
  1. A great way to broaden your marketing reach is to promote your content via social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, where people tend to gather and share info with friends.
  1. Provide content to your loyal readers before you promote the information, product, or service on other platforms. This encourages people to become a loyal VIP member.
  1. Use both long form and short form posts to attract your audience. Long posts, over 1000 words, signal to readers and search engines that you’re an authority on the topic.
  1. Focus on providing value and solutions in the content you share with readers, rather than making sales. You don’t want to be perceived as being only interested in the money.
  1. Stay focused on your target market when planning content. Create a buyer persona or customer profile. Refer to the profile any time you want to make sure you’re meeting your ideal buyer’s needs.
  1. Guest post on top ranked sites that allow you to use a good bio with a couple of links to your sales pages and website. Write unique content that is specifically for each site’s members, which should also fit your target market’s profile.
  1. Avoid using click-bait Even if the so-called news does it, it’s not a good practice and ultimately ends up turning off readers. Keep it real.
  1. Create headlines with a purpose. The content’s headline should allude to what readers will learn and why they should click through to read it.
  1. Share and promote your own content as if it’s a product. Pay to promote it, share it multiple times, and encourage commenting and sharing by others.
  1. Repurpose and reuse older content by turning it into something new. A top-10 post can become a top-10 YouTube video. A “how to” blog post can become an information product when fleshed out to include more examples and instructions. Learn more.