You’ve finally done it! You created a YouTube channel for your Association and embedded your first video creation on the organization’s website. Within no time the phones will be ringing off the hook with new members signing up, existing members registering for events, and sponsors looking to get involved with the best group in town.

But then, nothing.

How come some organizations shine through online video while others sink to the bottom of an ocean full of content? Poor quality, poor content and poor implementation are just a few thoughts that come to mind. With that being said, here are ten tips to help your videos rise above the milk and become the cream of your Association’s communications efforts.

How not to create a website video.

K.I.S.S. – Keep it short, stupid!
With an overwhelming amount of content available online, it is incredibly difficult to capture the attention of your audience for more than a few minutes. Sure, Kony 2012 had a 30-minute run time, but you will find your videos to be much more successful around the 1-2 minute range. Besides, a YouTube video view shouldn’t be your end goal – it should be getting your visitors involved in your web content and engaged in the Association activity

Content – Make it interesting, please!
Are you simply reading out the text on your website? Booooring. Make it worth my while to click the play button, and I might stick around and watch the whole thing. Show me something humorous, or something personal – most of all, entertain me.

Pay Attention to the Audio
Nothing is worse than poor audio. Too high, too low, or washed out by ambient noise, spend some time in post-production to ensure my ears are not violated. A small investment in an external microphone can go a long way towards a higher production value.

Video Composition
Don’t stress about HD – chances are your web video will not be viewed full screen at full quality anyhow. Focus instead on effective composition and appealing visuals to catch the eyes of your viewers.

Create Catchy Annotations
Did you know you can add text to your videos after they have been uploaded? These are called annotations, and also act as hyperlinks to get viewers to view other videos, visit your channel, or subscribe. Effective use of annotations can help you easily build your subscriber count and video views.

SEO’d Descriptions and Tags
Just like your website, you want your videos to be easily found via popular search engines. Choose descriptive titles that your audience will search for. Put your website URL at the top of the description field to increase its visibility. Don’t forget to fill out relevant tags – using at least 10-15 tags will greatly increase your video’s presence in search results and “related videos” suggestions.

Customize your Embedding Options
Do you want to make your video autoplay whenever a visitor lands on your homepage? How about removing the clutter of the video player controls? All of these attributes can be easily controlled by appending specific parameters to your video’s embed code. There is a great page here on all valid YouTube embed parameters.

Fit and Finish
If you made your video with the built-in webcam on your laptop, it is going to look like it. Represent your brand image appropriately with the same level of quality of video productions. You wouldn’t design a magazine ad in MS Paint – would you?

End with a Call to Action
What do you want your audience to do once you have their attention? Subscribe? Sign up for your newsletter? Register for events? Make the next step obvious for your visitors, and keep them on the path of least resistance to your conversion goals.

Be Human
Everyone gets enough commercial bombardment on television these days, don’t subject your viewers to more of the same business speak. Open up, be human, and be relatable; make the first steps in building a relationship with the viewer. The Association game is very much a relationship industry, and videos can help you build those connections.

While not the only things you can do to improve your video efforts, this is just a short list of considerations that will get you thinking before you produce your next big web video. What tips did I miss? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!