2015 New Years Resolutions

For PR and marketing pros, the New Year symbolizes unknown changes in technology and audience behavior that are inevitably to come. Conquering the challenges that arise from unexpected change is both an exciting and nerve-wracking feeling. Some of the obstacles we faced in 2014 included defining the right goals, producing enough content to accommodate the buyer’s journey, and sufficiently measuring progress. As content continues to grow in importance for generating awarness, earning media attention, and boosting sales, embracing change will be the difference between success and failure.

To kick off the New Year with some inspiration, we asked industry thought leaders to share their PR and marketing resolutions for 2015. Their answers revealed that PR and marketing are not just embracing change, but also the opportunities that come with it:

For more insight from marketing leaders on what’s to come in 2015, including additional perspective from PR Newswire’s Ken Wincko, read the blog post “Marketing Leaders Speak Out On Biggest Impact Areas” by John Koehler, Content Marketing Director at Sales Benchmark Index.