MistakeMany brands are finally having an “a-ha” moment when it comes to content marketing. Although we’re making great strides in changing mindsets from traditional old-school marketing, there are still many mistakes being made by big and small companies alike.  Here are the top content marketing missteps that are made most ofteen.

  • Throwing it out there to see if it sticks. Launching new content with no plan or clear direction is a waste of time and energy. Creating a content strategy with objectives and measurable results is essential.

    Putting too many chefs in the content kitchen. Who’s in charge here? Often there are many people involved in the content process and yet no one is responsible. Establish roles and assignments or you could end up with a content mess.

  • Blogging if you can squeeze it in. Imagine subscribing to a monthly magazine and getting a few pages at a time. If you create a blog and rarely update it you won’t gain momentum and will surely lose interest from those you did reach.
  • I “have to be on Facebook!” Facebookcan be a tremendous platform for connecting with and growing your online audience. But, setting up a Facebook page for your business and doing nothing with it, or just talking about yourself and selling products, won’t get you any real customers or followers who care about what you have to say.  Also, Facebook isn’t necessarily the right social media tool for every business. You have to know wherethe best places are to connect with your audience.
  • Being afraid to reveal too much. Many companies are still taking the cold, corporate approach and not humanizing their brand. People want to connect not just with companies, but the people who run them. They also expect to hear from you if something goes wrong and want to know what it’s like behind the scenes. It’s time to be real.
  • Focusing on “you you you”. Your brand is the best, fastest, smartest, most experienced company in the industry! So is your competition.  What is your point of difference? Why are you better?  Sharing your knowledge and expertise, and solving people’s problems, will build trust and gain loyal customers who believe in your brand.
  • Letting your content go out to pasture. You have a blog, Facebook page, a great e-newsletter… but who is responding to those comments, posts, questions and emails? If there is no timely response from your company, you’re still having a one-sided conversation and shutting people out who want to hear from you. Remember, every social media interaction, blog comment and email is the equivalent of your phone ringing.
  • We’re funny.. no we’re serious.. no wait, we know more than you! Inconsistency in tone, voice and message makes you look like a brand with multiple personality disorder. Having a consistent content voice, across all channels, will connect with people and make a more memorable impression.
  • Being afraid to be choosy. You can’t make all the people happy all the time. Knowing your audience and delivering information that they are looking for is a win-win situation. Trying to be all things to all people will dilute who you really are and not make a strong connection with those who really care.
  • Repurposing the old in the shiny and new. We are all for repurposing and recycling content in the right way. But, nothing makes us crazier than taking old, existing content and putting it in the wrong context. Not every old brochure makes a great blog post and old site content doesn’t always have a place in the new website design.

What are you top content peeves? Are there any content marketing mistakes that you see businesses making over and over?