In December 2014, you as a content marketer have a number of opportunities to give your customers what they like or makes them feel good. Also, you can give them something that entertains or helps them in finding a solution to their problem. However, if you still feel that you’re running out of great content ideas for this month, here’s a list that will ensure you’re never without a great idea again.

Top Content Marketing Ideas for December 2014

1. Genuine Seasonal Sentiment

Caring genuinely about your customers is the core of content marketing. You need to understand your customers needs and care for them in a very genuine way. This will help you offer authentic and sentimental Christmas or holiday content with real emotions.

Let’s go through some seasonal content ideas:

  • List of Christmas traditions or Merry Christmas greetings
  • Entertaining holiday videos
  • Holiday book or movie recommendations
  • How-to articles on holiday projects
  • User generated holiday stories with inspiring photos

Being a content marketer, you must know how to logically relate your products to the content without trying hard to sell them.

2. New Year’s Resolutions

Everyone, be it you or your customers actually want to do something to start with a better life in the new year. So, considering this you can publish content on the New Year’s resolution list or videos.

3. 2015 Trend Predictions

There are opportunities for you to write content based on the trend predictions of your business for the coming year. Depending on the business you serve, you can write about the important trends in the coming year.

4. The Astounding Fact

Astounding fact articles are the most engaging and well-written. These posts focus on a single topic and are inherently shareable.

You can come up with your own astounding and engaging posts in December, 2014. Select from topics that will appeal your customers and also focus on the quality of the content.

5. Interviews and Biographies

You can publish interviews or short biographies about someone who is famous or influential in your industry. You can also publish something taking the customer as your subject.

These sorts of articles are easy to write only if you have a handful of interesting questions and you know how to make the content enticing and useful for the readers.