Let’s face it. We marketers are doing our best to find new ways to get in front of potential customers, engage them, build strong relationship with them and finally convert them.

However, the competition out there is huge and tough. If not done well, our messages can never be delivered and our voices can never be heard.

Visual content appears as a solution to this battle. That said, visual content not only captures the attention of your audiences from the first time but it also engages them and makes them share it with their friends and family. To make your brand stand out and be seen you need to be aware of client and customers likes and dislikes. Know your market and what they want and need. Some of the best ways to do that are Infographics, animated videos, visual blog posts, slideshows, photos, visual guides and comics, cartoons and memes.

While no brands can live and grow without their loyal customers, we believe that visual content is the strongest weapon the creativity can give you to build your loyal customer base even when you are new in your industry.

Following top 7 effective visual content can help boost your brand awareness and engagement.

Top 7 Effective Visual Content That Boosts Your Brand Awareness and Engagement

1. Infographics

Internet has changed our life and the ways we learn and work today. The good thing to this is that it’s never been easier to search for information and learn new skills. The bad thing is we are overloaded. We’re drowning in words. Fortunately, Infographics come to life as a perfect solution. It helps us pack relevant information neatly in one piece of stunning design.


Infographics are visual images that represent information of data. It is one of the most popular tolls and you don’t have to spend a fortune.

Facts should be checked and any information used should be as accurate as possible.

Know your target audience and focus on it. You want them to understand what you are trying to inform them of so make sure to keep the information as simple as you can.

Be original and try to stand out. The first impression a potential customer or client has is your information. Let them see what you offer and help them understand it. Infographics help you present complex information in a simple way.

2. Animated Videos

Animated videos can be attention grabbing. They can also be used during presentations. These animations can be created with PowToon which is fairly easy to use. With animation, you can create anything from slideshows to comics and cartoons.

3. Visual Blog Posts

As humans, we are wired for visuals. It is just an automatic habit to look at anything visual first. Bloggers are getting more engagement per user, more leads and more followers when using visuals. Creating great visual components using logos, charts, images and graphics dominate blogs.

Be sure not to create a visual just because you want to showcase one on your website.

4. Slideshows

Slideshows can be used for many things. Creating a photo slideshow can show your customers and clients your product or service in action. Using slideshows during presentations can grab your audience’s attention. Be sure to have accurate information and that the quality of any photo you use is good.

Haiku Deck is a great tool to create stunning presentations.

5. Photos

General Electric uses very powerful photos for marketing while the Square uses simple yet stunning photography. The quality of the image is more important than the product-specific information.

Try to avoid using stock images when possible.

Along with your photos, use quoting tools (like Quotery) to stand out and make good impression.

You can also use editing tools to add words and phrases on the photos.

6. Visual Guides

We have always been drawn to the drawings Drop Box uses. They are pencil like drawings with bright colors and visible line strokes. We believe it was brilliant when they started this concept. Help Scout uses vector images. Adding these to a photo or drawing is a great attention grabber. Try creating your own stock image and adding a vector to it.

7. Comics, Cartoons and Memes

American Marketing Association uses cartoon drawings to humanize the brand. Creating a personalized cartoon character or images is a great way for a company to add humor.  

This post first appeared on Visual Contenting and is republished with permission.