cloud appsGoogle Documents, you’ve got my heart.

Dropbox, I’ll always be here for you. (Will you always be there for me?)

iCloud, I think I just might have to take you up on those 5 free gigabytes.

The cloud is coming. Faster than you might expect.

In fact, 500 new cloud apps appear online every day. For content marketers like myself – working online with clients all over the country – cloud technology is a great thing. These six apps can help you take full advantage of cloud technology…


Need a formal signature to get the ball rolling on your next project? Printing, signing, scanning, and emailing are rather involved processes when you have DocuSign as an option. DocuSign makes it easy to send documents (to and from any device) and add legally binding signatures to them. All documents are stored in the cloud, from which they can be easily retrieved anytime, anywhere.


I’m about this close to switching over to a time-tracking and invoicing software. And, when I do, I just might end up going with Harvest. Harvest keeps track of your time, creates invoices for you, and helps you stay within project budgets. Plus, it’s affordable: $12/mo for up to three users and $49/mo for up to 10. Google Apps integration is another perk for this cloud-based software.


Jing allows users to capture images and video of the content on their computer screens and share it with others. integration makes it easy to share Jing images via social media, email, and other avenues. For content marketing professionals working on campaigns that include a heavy visual component, this is a great app.


Speaking of the visual component, LucidChart makes flow chart and diagram creation incredibly easy. LucidChart allows users to work together in real time – no more emailing files back and forth. The software doesn’t just do basic flowcharts. You can even work on iPhone apps within LucidChart.


I haven’t used PowerPoint in at least three years. And that was one time three years ago. Though the presentations I create are few and far between, I’m sold on Prezi, a free cloud-based presentation software. For an example of how different Prezi is from the PowerPoint of Yore, check out Number Systems by Petra Marjai.

Remember the Milk

Remember the Milk is the ultimate cloud-based task management application. Why? Integration. It integrates with Siri, Evernote, Gmail, Google Calendar, Twitter, Microsoft Outlook, and other applications. Plus, “Milk” fans have made additional third-party apps, plugins, and extensions that work with Remember the Milk.

Like these six apps? Check out my 9 favorite apps for producing better website content. What cloud-based apps can you not live without?

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